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Sometimes, we need to attach the official seal of our unit in the Word document, this can become a difficult problem, with Photoshop and other design software production, for the vast majority of people, the difficulty is too big. In fact, easyjet PDF converted into word that make the official seal, the simplest software is word, using Word, we can make an effect no less than professional design software to make the official seal.

If you do not believe, we first let you look at the effect bar, the following is the official seal, we use Word to make out!

How, the effect is not very good? Don't worry, next, we'll step by step to teach you the specific procedures.

1. Insert-shape-oval (Word2003 in insert-picture-AutoShape-Basic shape);

Word2010 interface

Word2003 interface

2, we see the mouse into a "cross", hold down the "shift" button drag the mouse, draw a seal of the size of the positive circle; (the SHIFT key can help us draw a positive circle, a square)

3, set the circle of the fill for no, the shape contour is solid line, is red, the thickness of the real line according to their own needs to set, generally 6 pounds; (Word2003 user, as long as the mouse double-click the circle, set the dialog box will come out)

3, insert the WordArt, the choice of the art of the third type of typeface;

Word2010 Insert WordArt method slightly different, click Insert WordArt, enter good text, click on "Text effect-conversion-Follow path", select the first one;

4. Set text wrapping style to "float above text"

5, with the mouse to adjust the arc and position of the WordArt, so that it reached the effect of the following diagram;

6, Insert-shape, select "Star and Banner" in the pentagram;

7, set the outline of the pentagram for none, fill the color is red, and then use the mouse, adjust it to their own size;

8, according to the need to insert the number of stars, adjusted to put it in the official seal of the corresponding position, here we are examples, only in the official seal put one;

9, the official seal of the bottom, there will be a written text, as long as inserted text box, in the text box to enter the text you need, and finally set the fill and outline all for nothing, put it into the official seal;


1, the more the artistic word, the more influence the beauty of the official seal;

2, the production of official seal, the main left and right symmetry;

3, the official seal of the production method is very similar, we can try to use the above method to make other official seal practice;

4, prohibit the use of the method described in this article illegal production of official seal.

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