Steps and issues encountered in project deployment on a remote server in eclipse development

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Environment: Eclipse + JDK 1.7

Run Eclipse and click windows--preferences--java--compiler--to the right to see the currently used JDK version number, such as:

Note: This is the global JDK version number

Special note: The specific JDK compilation environment specified by the Tarim Rig project is 1.7 (Enable project specific settings)

Remote Desktop Connection: Enter user name/password

When you get to the Remote Desktop machine, check to see if we have the tomcat-7.0 and jdk-1.7 we need (no download or installation).

Note: The project on the remote desktop only needs to replicate the html5server of the front end, and the backend is automatically compiled.

Problem encountered: Unsupported Major.minor version 51.0 error solution

Cause Analysis:
The above error occurs because the external jar package is compiled with jdk1.7 (JDK7), and the project JDK version using this jar is jdk1.6 (JDK6), which is not supported by the version. workaround See the following steps:

First step: Add jdk1.7 to eclipse. (Above me is the right plan)

Step two: Modify Eclipse's build environment JDK to 1.7. The steps are: Right-click the project, select Properties, locate the Java Build Path window, select the libraries tag, and modify the JRE System libraries to 1.7. As shown in the following:

Step three: Modify the project start JDK to 1.7. As shown in the following:

Fourth step: Copy and paste the compiled file to the Remote Desktop server locally, such as:

Fifth Step: Start Tomcat (Startup.bat) on the Remote Desktop, here if the boot encounters port (8080,8009) already exists, Modify the port in Tomcat-7.0.70→conf→server.xml (I changed the 8080 to 34567,8009 to 45678)

Sixth step: See the effect (we use the company intranet).

Steps and issues encountered in project deployment on a remote server in eclipse development

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