Steps for registering an Android Market Google Play Store account and precautions for publishing applications

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Before releasing software on Google Play, you must complete the following three tasks: create developer profile accept developer distribution agreement pay registration fee via credit card (US $25.00) (use Google Checkout) is the old registration process, the process and the new almost now some are Chinese Android Market account does not need to be reviewed, after the payment is completed, it is activated, you can release your own (free) Application

Application Management Console Google is very concealed, it is difficult to find input above Web site login can directly jump to the management application interface

At present, you can upload the program after the test fee is paid, but it still needs to be reviewed and cannot be released immediately, but it usually takes less than one day to complete.

Note: Now the application console has been changed:Https://

The publishing process and operation interface in the console have changed a lot.


Note: 1: the screen size must meet the following specifications (the width and height must be different from the range ): 320x480, 480x800, 480X854, 1280x720, 1280x80024-bit PNG or JPEG image (without alpha) with full bleeding and borderless art photos, you can upload screen in landscape view mode. The system displays the thumbnail after rotation, but retains the actual image and the corresponding browsing mode. Note: you do not need to be so strict now. You can upload the file directly on your mobile phone.2. There must be a 512x512 high-resolution application icon: 512x51232-bit PNG or JPEG image file size ceiling: 1024 KB 3: the privacy policy must be linked to the privacy policy, or choose not to submit the Privacy Policy website now. 4. You can add promotional images and texts)

5. I still cannot find the published application on the market one hour after the release is successful. I searched the application two hours after the test. It is estimated that it will take some time to create an index before searching.


Signature and obfuscation

The signature can be completed through eclipse. You can sign the signature and then sign the signature. For details, refer:

Eclipse + ADT for Android Application Signature Details Android-proguard obfuscators use, when a third-party jar package is referenced, the error is: you may need to specify additional library jars (using '-libraryjars ') solution: In proguard. add-dontwarn com. To the top of the cfg file. motorola. **-keep class COM. motorola. ** {*;} Note: The-dontwarn and-keep parameters are used together to keep the classes in the third-party library intact.-dontwarn COM. motorola. ** it means to keep COM. motorola. ** all classes in this package are not confused with all methods.

-Keep class com. Motorola. ** {*;} indicates that proguard does not warn against reference to the class in the com. Motorola. ** package. Change the package name to the top package of your jar package.



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