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1. the best doctor is yourself, the best hospital is the kitchen, the best medicine is food, and the best effect is time.
Uplink: If you want to be healthy, eat well first. Downlink: to be good, add calcium first. Batch: therapeutic therapy
2. Take drugs every day. You can eat it back if you are ill.
3. Green faces indicate drinking, angry, and grumpy. Poor heart, red face. The human face is yellow. The person with asthma is pale. The person with kidney failure looked dark.
4. The doctor is about to handle the spof in a day. Smile and laugh every day, stay away from illness and medicine.
5. People rely on five organs for life-liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney
6. The liver is the most important. The liver is affected and the whole body suffers. Liver Damage is reflected in other organs, such as myocardial infarction. Myocardial infarction exists, and the heart stops behind. Blood comes out of the liver, the liver is broken, you cannot clean, it is blocked in the blood vessels, it is myocardial infarction.
● Green face indicates drinking, angry, and angry.
● Poor heart and red face.
● The human face is yellow when the spleen and stomach are not harmonious.
● The person with asthma is pale.
● The human face with renal failure is dark.
● The lung is hard to eat white, white radish and lung.
White radish raw to eat runfei, cooked to eat runsausage; bad intestines, to eat cooked.

● There are hundreds of kidney defects. Ten people, nine kidney losses.
Kidney loss: Cold hands and feet, fatigue, gynecological diseases.
The blood depends on the gas circulation. If a person dies, the gas is broken. Qi is kidney.
Black beans are not good for kidney.
● It is difficult for the liver to eat mung beans
Mung Bean is used to nourish the liver and improve the detoxification ability of the liver.
Drink green bean soup, five or six minutes after opening the pot, when it seems to open slightly open drink green soup in order to nourish the liver, clear fire, diuretic.
● Soy beans are not good for the spleen.
● It's hard to eat red beans.
People eat grain before fengdeng-Huangdi Internal Classic.
Do not leave beans, women do not leave beans for life, because it contains soy flavonoids, protect female hormone secretion.
Use five bean paste every day.

● Acid-Nourishing Liver, over-acid-damaging liver.
● Bitter heart, Huanglian, bitter gourd heart, bitter heart. It is best to eat Bitter Gourd for pharyngitis at noon.
● Sweet spleen, sweet spleen. Drinking More drinks will hurt the spleen, and the child is fat.
● Spicy lung maintenance: lung cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer cannot be spicy in autumn due to lung fever.
● Xian Yangshen, salty injury to the kidney.
● Kidney

Primary kidney bone. Main Winter. Kidney Deficiency and bone and joint pain in winter.
Cataract should take medicine to reduce liver fire, hot water + vinegar smoked eyes. Vinegar is demineralized.

Eating Old Tongue biting is a precursor to cerebral infarction.

Liver and Kidney are the same, liver and kidney are deficient.

TCM statement: blood stasis. Western medicine: free radicals, fat metabolism products.

Vascular Blockage-congestion in the heart is called a stem, blocking in the heart capillary is called a tumor, blocking in the liver called a tumor, blocking in the uterus called a fibroids, blocking in the breast called a hyperplasia, blocking in the thyroid called nodules, blocking in the face called acne, congestion on the skin is called a mole, congestion on the leg is called a step Zhang, congestion in the mucosa is called a cyst.

A total of 0.1 million kilometers of artery, vein, and capillary, and 2 and a half circles around the Earth, equivalent to a road. Vascular connection is required to prevent disease.

24 hours of blood flow, and friction with the blood vessel wall will generate garbage, blood from the blood vessels to the capillary flow rate increased, resistance increased, the heart and brain vascular disease.

The reason for cerebral infarction is to take antihypertensive drugs.

Antihypertensive Drugs expand vascular, vascular width, slow flow rate, lower blood pressure, then the more you eat, one day sooner or later the vascular elasticity out of control.

If you eat more-collapse, cerebral hemorrhage.

If you eat less, the brain overflows.

The cause of hypertension is in the kidney, the gland in the kidney secretion of adrenaline, adrenaline regulate vascular tension, much secretion, vascular tension-high blood pressure, less secretion, low blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a kidney source disease, a heart-kidney discord. Liver Fire, love to breathe, love to eat meat, love to drink high blood pressure easily.

Antihypertensive Drugs hurt the kidney, renal failure to dialysis, 10 dialysis patients, 9 half is caused by drug poisoning, 8 is the result of long-term antihypertensive drugs.

Excessive fat may cause blood stasis and vitamin deficiency.

Vegetarian food does not mean eating meat or oil.

Vitamin features: see water to dissolve, more than 40 degrees Celsius decomposition.

Fruit: the vitamin content of an apple is equal to 5 cents of the apple peel.

Do not drink yogurt. The thickening agent in it will block blood vessels.

Water can only be diluted with pesticides and cannot be cleaned. Washing vegetables with alkali can melt acidic pesticides.

If you are a foreigner, you can eat meat, but the vegetables are raw and raw. Raw vegetables leak liver fire and supplement vitamins.

Long-term is the antihypertensive drugs, expansion of blood vessels, men will prostate hypertrophy; a woman happy to pee pants.

It is best to drop liver fire with bell peppers.

Raw eggplant treatment tumor, strong adsorption, oil absorption, treatment of blood lipids viscous, no thrombosis. Eating eggplant is equal to taking blood lipid lowering medicine.

Treatment of heart-kidney discord: black kidney, red heart.

In winter, black beans, black sesame seeds, black soy milk, porridge, black beans + red beans + yam + wolfberry porridge, and dinner. Kidney adjustment.

First, eat lettuce and then cooked food.

(Note: Do not get hurt if you have a mouthful of soup before meals. If you have the conditions, you 'd better have a few hot soups and then eat lettuce .)

High cholesterol is caused by poor liver and gallbladder metabolism.

High blood fat people do not drink milk, milk is high fat and high protein. Drinking milk is easy to get angry.

TIPS: milk, yogurt, chilies, and cold drinks.

Every day, When you soak your feet and rub your waist, it is to rub the point of Shenshu to stimulate the secretion of adrenaline in the kidney. Treat women with cold hands and feet.

Exercise-pneumatic blood is called exercise, and dancing and running is called activity. Work is labor.

The purpose of exercise-early heart-lung adjustment, Late Liver and Kidney adjustment, often adjust the Spleen and Stomach gallbladder.

During the day, your ears will drop your blood pressure.

Calcium Supplementation: women with high blood pressure supplement 3000 mg each day, and men with high blood pressure supplement 4000 mg each day. Normal person 800-1200 mg/day.

Calcium can soften blood vessels, prevent vascular hardening, old take antihypertensive drugs, vascular hardening, calcium lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer.

Supplemented with milk, but supplemented with milk.

High blood pressure will rebound, you can take a little medicine in season or angry.
To be healthy, you must maintain a peaceful attitude, balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, and adequate sleep.

Organ work time: 23 o'clock-1 o'clock, 1-3 o'clock liver work, 3-5 o'clock lung work, 11-13 O'clock heart work. Kidney work.

Early adjustment of the heart, lung, late adjustment of liver, kidney, often adjust the spleen, stomach.

The kidney is the source of a hundred diseases, and the liver is the most important organ in the five organs. The gallbladder is the head of the tube (insomnia is a gallbladder problem ). Leg cramps are caused by liver problems.

The liver eats green food, such as mung beans and bell peppers; the lung eats white food, such as white beans and white Luo Bu; the kidney eats black food, such as black beans and black sesame seeds; the spleen eats yellow soy beans and so on.

Please note that all diseases mentioned should be avoided: (1) milk; (2) chilies; (3) cold drinks.

What you insist on every day: (1) rubbing your hands and wrist in the morning; (2) knocking on the outer and inner sides of your legs during the day (hitting along your pants); (3) soaking your feet in hot water at night, rub the kidney with your hands, rub your feet, rub the fever and sweat as well; (4) rub your hands clockwise from the stomach to the abdomen before going to bed, then push the stomach to the abdomen five times, this is a set of movements. 10 times in total.

(1) diabetes mellitus (upper-hot and lower-cold) is not easy to rebound after cure

1. Boil the mung bean soup for 5-6 minutes and soak the raw and cooked 5-10 slices of Astragalus in the soup. The whole day when drinking water, drink 2-3 days later, no fire, and add 5 more slices, there is still no fire in 2-3 days, but you can add 5 more, but the total amount is no more than 20. After the stool is formed, gradually reduce the amount of 5-10 tablets, drink until you finish drinking the 15 yuan of Astragalus. This is a cold tone.

2. After drinking mung bean soup for two weeks, you must have eaten it raw if you eat long eggplant and bell peppers every night. Or eat some other vegetables. This is de-hot.

3. chicken, duck, fish, and meat are eaten in the morning and at noon. Vegetarian food is the most popular in the evening. Because the liver is working at night and plays a role in fat metabolism.

4. The main food is black beans (black bean, black bean, black bean porridge), and black beans, yam and medaka (20 grains) porridge (Autumn/winter season ).

5. Calcium Supplementation: 3000 mg for female and 4000 mg for male.

Note: The blood and food test is performed every week. If the blood sugar index is reduced, the amount of the original medicine can be gradually reduced until the blood sugar is normal.

If you stick to the above requirements, you can see the results in one month. The four months are basically the same, so you must stick to them.

(2) hypertension (heart-kidney discord, liver fire, excess fat): known as kidney source disease. Rebound.

1. eat eggplant for dinner. Also cure tumors, also lose weight), mixed with vinegar and Zhizhi sauce, can add bell peppers, tomatoes and so on;

2. Calcium Supplementation: 3000 mg for female and 4000 mg for male;

3. Soak your feet in hot water at night, rub your kidney with your hands on your back, and rub your feet to your heart. It is better to rub fever and sweat;

4. Rub your ears with a thumbs up and down each time.

5. Invigorating Kidney: Porridge with black beans, yam, and medaka (20. Autumn/winter season.

Weekly blood pressure tests.

(3) Cancer: three major factors for cancer management: fried food, flooded food, and smoked food

The tumor is caused by high blood density and blockage of blood vessels. People who love meat are relatively easy to get sick; people who love to get angry are also easy to get sick and hurt the liver.

Acidic human cancers spread late.

Multi-food alkaline food: the raw food effects of fruits, grains, beans, and vegetables are remarkable.

Stew Meat and mushrooms (high-alkali food) together, so that food does not leave beans, meat does not leave mushrooms.

(4) rheumatism, rheumatism, gout, gland disease, and biliary disease (cold, wet, and hot ):

Drink winter melon juice around every night;

Winter melon juice + sour jujube noodles for the treatment of gallbladder disease.

(5) insomnia: Liver, gallbladder, and kidney deficiency. There are two types of insomnia:

First: nightmare: (1) lack of kidney and air, heart and liver fire, liver and Yang, liver fire, heart and gallbladder separation (will, thinking), liver and gallbladder imbalance.

Treatment: Invigorating Kidney (1) eating black beans at night. (2) raw vegetables and green peppers.

Pig Liver: mainly green beans and vegetables.

Heart-warming: it is dominated by raw Bitter Melon (eaten at a.m ).

Soak your feet in hot water at night, tap your guts during the day, and pinch the side of your arm.

Second: Sleep

1. Invigorating Kidney: (1) Eat black beans and eat them at night. (2) raw vegetables and green peppers.

2. Reduce the Risk. Drink a cup of raw winter melon juice + sour jujube noodles at around pm to cure insomnia.

3. Soak your feet in hot water at night and rub your waist.

(6) kidney stones (small)

1 gram of agarwood, 1.5 grams of amber, 500 ml of water boil for 15 to 20 minutes, once a day between 16 to 17 points are divided into three drinks.

(7) pharyngitis

Eat more bitter melon, it is best to eat at noon.

(8) Cataract

Purging Liver Fire: Hot boiled water pour about 10 drops of vinegar, eyes look inside, stick to a few days, get better.

(9) cough

It is good to eat white radish before going to bed and stick to it for a few days.

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