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Keil MDK RTE is compatible with KEIL4 stm32f10x standard library 1. Problem

In the beginning of learning embedded, is from the 51 SCM start, the use of KEIL4 development environment, with very handy. Until recently contacted arm to learn STM32 and its library functions.

At first I studied STM32 's version 3.5 standard library "stm32f10x Standard Peripherals Library", but later found that the acquisition of Keil company developed a more powerful MDK, that is, Keil5, so "fashion" To update the green Keil compilation environment.

The problem arises, MDK support rte[run_time Environment] framework, this is a very good thing, you can click a few mouse then joined the file, and do not need to add what startup files, library files. However, just download the good MDK can not find this standard library, if the same as the KEIL4 to throw the library file into the RTE framework does not make sense, but the 3.5 version of the STM32 library for a long time, now it is not really a bit strange.
2. Address

It was not until today that the RTE was able to use that standard library, but the package-bound help document did not pull the "antique", and Keil was more than just a STM32 development platform.

In the Keil MDK RTE, the STM32F10X standard library is thrown in device-stdperiph drivers, which is a convenient way to automatically add the corresponding documents to the project when the required Api,rte is selected.


2.1. You need to download stm32f10x package, similar to: Keil.stm32f1xx_dfp.1.0.5.pack, this can be updated by MDK, can also go directly to the Keil website download (relatively fast).

2.2. To use any driver of the STM32F10X Standard library, the RTE needs to include a framework option that allows the standard library to adapt to the RTE framework.

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