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When you look for apps in the Windows8 App Store, do you get some pretty exotic apps? The following foreign media neowin for everyone to open up, he saw those wonderful Win8 applications.

The first is a game: "Football Throw stopper", the foreign media to the game evaluation is: stupid burst. The specific way to play is by clicking on the football to stop it from reaching the finish area. Neowin said the game was so boring that even animals would think it was stupid.

Speaking of animals, one of the following applications is: "The Cat App", the recent cats are very hot ah, someone specifically launched such an application. You need 15 seconds to match the description of the cat with the picture, and you will have a meow who shakes your head.

There is also a name called medieval weapons of Europe (European medieval weapons), and if you want to know what your first people are using to kill the enemy, look at this application. (Small series Think, this application is also not very wonderful ah ...)

"Cars on stamps" is for those who like to collect stamps and like cars, all kinds of cars come in the form of stamps.

The real miracle is this "amazing Egg Timer", when you finish the eggs, it will tell you that the eggs taste too "amazing".

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