Stress test related

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The pressure test can be tested with AB or webbench



The test software itself gives the result data is not very intuitive. So lead us to monitor the collection software Nmon

Mac/linux system Installation Nmon

Just install the Nmon tool and convert the Nmon generated data into Excel format by Nmon_analyser.

Download Nmon software

[Email protected] source]# Unzip

[Email protected] source]# chmod u+x nmon_x86_rhel45

[Email protected] source]# MV Nmon_x86_rhel45 Nmon

[Email protected] source]#./nmon

Common commands:

Nmon-f-S 10-c 60

-F indicates that there is time in the generated data file name;

-S 10 means that data is collected every 10 seconds;

-C 60 means acquisition 60 times, 10*60=600 seconds,

It's just 10 minutes of data, so running this program will generate a file that collects 10 minutes of data. The line command will create an output file in the current directory named:

Linux_test_120724_0822.nmon is the data file we generated, all the information is in the Linux_test_120724_0822.nmon record, and we found through the more command that we can not understand some of the text, This requires us to translate it into a file that we can read in Excel format. First we export the Linux_test_120724_0822.nmon file to our Windows Local. And then we're from Http://

Download Nmonanalyser software to Windows Local. After opening the unpacked file, we will find 2 files, one is Nmonanalyse description of Word format is stable and the other is Nmonanalyse file in Excel format.

All we need here is Excel format to ask the file, we double hit open

All we need here is Excel format to ask the file, we double click Open.

Next we double-click the button to import the Linux_test_120724_0822.nmon we just created.

Generating Excel is more intuitive. See Attachment link ...



Tool Http://

Stress test related

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