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I read the new post message just now. I found no explanation. Code Pair Learning Program The Expert Clinic-Asp. net Development Q & A 200 Q & A, I am in it to help ASP. ASP. NET. net. net dictionary. With ASP. NET, you can easily solve the problem! The issues that can be solved are described in the directory!

Source code: example.rar

Library directory: Chapter 1 ASP. NET development specifications and entry points 1
1. How to install and configure the ASP. NET development environment 2
2. Common Problems and Solutions for installing Visual Studio. NET 4.
3 Introduction to ASP. NET web matrix tool 5
4 ASP. NET and ASP advantages and disadvantages comparison 6
5. Notes for porting from ASP to ASP. NET 8
6. File Types contained in ASP. NET and their main functions 10
7. How to Write efficient, concise, and standardized C # program code 10
8. How to create an ASP. NET web application 12
9 What is code behind 13?
10 how to use an enterprise-level project template to create an enterprise-level project 16
11. How to Use VSS to control group-developed projects 17
12. How to understand the concept of "three-tier structure" in ASP. NET 19
13 How to Solve ASP. NET version compatibility issues 21
14. How to create a virtual directory in ASP. NET 23
15. How to solve the problem of "cannot open web project" after project transplantation 24
16. How to debug the program in Visual Studio. NET 26
17 how to solve the project skipping problem during compilation 28
18 how to create a web application installation program using Visual Studio. NET 28
19 how to solve the temporary output file access rejection error 30

Chapter 3 ASP. NET running model 33
20 what is the processing process of ASP. NET pages? 34
21. How to Apply Javascript script 35 on the page
22. How to dynamically add JavaScript scripts from the server to the page 37
23 how to jump from one page to another 39
24. How to handle the problem of returning multiple pages to the same page? 40
25 how to use the response. Redirect method to transmit Chinese characters 41
26 what is the difference between using objects such as application, session, cookie, and viewstate to save information? 42
27 How to encrypt data in cookies 45
28 methods for storing session state session objects 46
29 How to Use the output Cache Technology to cache the entire page 48
30 how to cache user controls using fragment caching technology 50
31 how to use data cache technology to improve program performance 53
32. How to customize the size limit of uploaded files 56
33. How to redirect a page to a custom error page when an error occurs? 57
34. How to solve the problem that the server. getlasterror () method cannot receive error information after an error page is defined in Web. config 58
35. how to read and write the Web. config file in the program 59
36 event triggering in the global. aspx file and Its Function 60
37 how to use the CSS file to define the style of the control 62
38 how to enable and disable viewstate to save status information 64
39 How to Apply ispostback to control page loading 67
40 how to immediately release the unmanaged resources created by the Application 67
41 how to use a trace object for tracking and debugging 69
42 how to use the # include syntax to add files to page 72
43 how to handle exception information programmatically 73
44 How to Write webpage error information to Event Log 75
45 how to extend the use of page base class 76

Chapter 1 common Web Service controls 81
46 how to use the label control to dynamically display text information 82
47 how to display the prompt information when the mouse moves to the control 83
48. How to Implement shortcut keys in Web applications 84
49 how to set the tab key order of controls on the page 86
50 how to replace the tab key with the Enter key 87
51 how to add a message box for the button key 88
52 differences between button, linkbutton, and imagebutton Service controls and application 90
53 differences between linkbutton and Hyperlink and Its Application 91
54 how to use the checkbox and checkboxlist controls 93
55 how to use the radiobutton and radiobuttonlist controls 95
56 how to use panel controls to operate a group of controls 97
57 how to use the table control to organize page content 99
58 how to add or delete the dropdownlist control options 101
59 how to indirectly change the current option of the dropdownlist control 103
60 how to implement linkage between two or more dropdownlist controls 104
61 107
62 how to implement double-click event 110 for options in The ListBox control
63 how to dynamically set the background color of each option in The ListBox control 111
64 how to dynamically create controls on the page 112
65 how to add a custom method for HTML server control events 114

Chapter 1 verification controls 4th
66. Verify the types and functions of controls 118
67 how to use the requiredfieldvalidator control to verify that the user has entered 119
68 how to use the regularexpressionvalidator control to verify the format of email address and zip code 121
69 how to use the rangevalidator control to verify whether the input information is within the specified range of 123
70 how to use the comparevalidator control to compare and verify the two input controls 125
71 how to use the customvalidator control to customize the verification format 127
72. How to Use the validationsummary control to sum up error messages for all verification controls 130
73 how to create a verification control for custom features 132
74 how to disable Server Control Verification 134
75 how to control the page to partially verify that the control is valid 136
76 how to implement the real-time control verification function 138
77 how to use the verification control to comprehensively verify the user registration page 141
78 how to verify the edit column 145 of the DataGrid Control
79 how to customize a regular expression 147
80 common Regular Expression highlights 150
81 how to use the verification control to verify the date type input 151

Chapter 2 advanced Web server controls 5th
82 how to use the calendar web control on a webpage to display and select a date of 156
83 how to control the content of a specific date and display 157 in the calendar Web Control
84 How to customize the appearance of the calendar web control 160
85 how to control the user date selection 162 in the calendar Web Control
86 how to use the XML control to display XML files and perform XSLT conversion 164
87 how to use the adrotator web control to create an advertisement publisher 166
88 how to create a user control 169
89 how to convert a web form to a user control 174
90 how to dynamically load User Controls 176
91 how to install ie Web controls control 178
92 how to use the tabstrip web and multipage Web controls to create option-style pages 179
93 how to use the toolbar web control to create a toolbar Page 183
94 how to identify which button in the toolbar web control is triggered by a buttonclick event 185
95. How to Use Treeview web control 187
96 how to dynamically add or delete a treenode node 190 in the Treeview Web Control
97 how to obtain the subnode 193 of treenode
98 how to obtain the current selected node 193 of the Treeview Web Control
99 how to expand the specified node 194 in the Treeview Web Control
100 how to use the treenodetype in the Treeview web control to control the appearance 195
101 how to use the Treeview web control to bind an XML file 197
102 how to fill Treeview 199 with database data

Chapter 2 Data Service controls 6th
103 how to use the Repeater control to display data 204
104 how to use the Repeater control template 206
105 how to implement the Repeater control page 207
106 how to use the datalist control to display data 210
107 how to select an entry in the datalist control and display details of the entry 212
108 how to edit the datalist control 214
109 how to use style 217 for datalist controls
110 how to create multiple columns in the datalist control 219
111 how to implement the paging function of the datalist control 220
112 how to add automatic numbers to the DataGrid 221
113 how to control the data type of the columns bound to the DataGrid Control to the date display Format 224
114 how to display the statistical value of a column in the DataGrid In the footer 226
115 How To Make rows with different conditions display different background colors in the DataGrid 227
116 how to change the background of a row when moving the cursor to a row of the DataGrid Control 229
117 how to dynamically display/hide a column of the DataGrid Control 230
118 how to implement the paging function in the DataGrid 232
119 how to implement custom page operations in the DataGrid Control 234
120 how to delete a record on the page of the DataGrid Control 236
121 how to bring up a detail window in the DataGrid 238
122 how to use the DataGrid control to implement master table details 242
123 how to add the checkbox control column 245 to the DataGrid Control
124 how to add a confirmation box 249 for the delete column in The DataGrid Control
125 how to implement bidirectional sorting of the DataGrid Control 250
126 how to bind the dropdownlist control in the DataGrid Control 253
127 how to edit, update, and cancel data items in the DataGrid Control 255
128 how to display data in the database in an Excel file in a browser 258
129 how to use the DataGrid Control to display dual titles 260
130 how to implement the linkage of the dropdownlist control in the DataGrid 263
131 comprehensive use of the DataGrid Control 266

Chapter 4 Data Binding TECHNOLOGY 7th
132 how to bind a single value to the property 274 of the control
133 how to bind a able to the DataGrid web control 275
134 how to bind dataset to the DataGrid web control 277
135 how to bind dataview to DataGrid web control 278
136 how to bind datareader to DataGrid web control 279
137 how to bind columns in a table to the dropdownlist web control 281
138 how to use the databinder. eval () method for data binding 282
139 how to bind arraylist to ListBox web control 284
140 how to bind hashtable to radiobuttonlist web control 287
141 how to bind XML as a data source to control 289

Chapter 2 database technology 8th
142. NET Framework data provider 292
143 how to connect ASP. NET Applications to SQL Server databases 294
144 how to connect ASP. NET applications to the ACCESS database 296
145 how ASP. NET Applications connect to Oracle databases 298
146 how to use ADO. Net to execute SQL statements in the database 299
147 how to use datareader to read data 302
148 how to use dataadapter to populate data with dataset and display 304
149 how to use datatable object storage database table 307
150 how to search and sort datatable 309
151 how to use dataview for data sorting and retrieval 312
152 how to create a parent-child table relationship between dataset datatable 314
153 how to update dataset changes back to SQL Server database 316
154 how to capture and handle exceptions in SQL Server database operations 318
155 how to fill in the data in the database to the XML file 320
156 how to prevent SQL injection attacks 322
157 how to use web. config to configure the database connection string 324
158 how to program the SQL Server Stored Procedure 326
159 how to use SQL Server Stored Procedures with input parameters 329
160 how to use SQL Server Stored Procedures with input and output parameters 332
161 how to write common code for database access 334
162 how to obtain the number and name of user tables in the SQL Server database 337
163 how to obtain the list of all databases on the SQL Server server 339
164 how to save image files to SQL Server database 341
165 how to display images saved in the database to the page 344
166 how to obtain the record ID 346 after inserting a record
167 how to solve the problem of "an updatable query is required for operations" when accessing the ACCESS database by ADO. Net 347
168 how to read data from an Excel file 348
169 how to back up and restore a database 350

Chapter 2 ASP. NET Security Policy 9th
170 identity authentication methods provided by ASP. NET 356
171 authorization methods provided by ASP. NET 356
172 how to simulate identity in ASP. NET 358
173 security relationship between ASP. NET and IIS 358
174 set the Access Matrix in ASP. NET and IIS 359
175 how to configure IIS security 361
176 how to use Windows Authentication 362 in ASP. NET
177 how to use passport authentication 364 in ASP. NET
178 how to use form-based authentication in ASP. NET 367
179 How to Use Role-based security 370 in ASP. NET

Chapter 2 common functions and function set 10th
180 how to obtain the Client IP address 374 in ASP. NET
181 how to obtain a random number of 375 in a certain range
182 how to obtain the file extension 376
183 how to convert string data to an integer of 377
184 how to obtain the current system time 379
185 how to obtain the current date is the day of the week, the number of days of the current month and the number of days of the specified year 382
186 how to obtain the client's mouse coordinates and feedback to the server side 385
187 how to use the jmail component to send and receive mails 386
188 how to use the class library in ASP. NET to send emails 390
189 how to generate image thumbnails 393
190 how to dynamically create a bar and pie chart in ASP. NET 396
191 how to download image files stored in the database 400
192 how to determine the height and width of the uploaded image is 404
193 how to use the descryptoserviceprovider class to encrypt and decrypt data or files 405
194 how to count online users 411
195 how to implement verification code 412 in ASP. NET
196 how to obtain a specified webpage locally Source code 414
197 how to create a date selector 416 in ASP. NET
198 how to keep the page display 419 at the same time in the pop-up dialog box
199 how to click a button to bring up a new page. After entering data, return to the original page 420

Chapter 4 File Operations 11th
423 how to read and modify a text file 200
424 how to read and modify a text file in ASP. 427
202 how to upload files in ASP. NET.
429 how to obtain the file list in the specified directory 203
432 in ASP.
435 how to obtain system logs and write log information to a text file 205
438 how to create a log file in ASP. 440
207 how to dynamically create HTML file 443

Chapter 1 XML Processing Technology 12th
447 how to create a simple XML file 208
448 how to create an XSD file for the created XML file 209
449 how to program XML document 450
211 in ASP. net read XML document 452
212. 454
213. does net support sax processing for XML documents? 454
214. net supports XPath processing for XML documents? 456
215 mutual conversion between dataset and XML files 458
216 how to directly read XML data from SQL Server 459
217 how to display XML document 460 on a web form
218 how to verify the validity of XML Document 463

Chapter 1 web service 13th
465 how to create an ASP. net web service 466
220. net call Web Service 468
221 how to use cache to improve web service performance 469
222 what data types can be used in Web Services 471
223 how to use web services share database usage 472
224 how to build. net remoting server program 474
225 in ASP.. net. net remoting client program 475
226 how to access and use application objects and session objects in Web Services 477
227 how to use web services to return datatable objects 478
228 how send an image 479 in the Web Service
229 how to deploy the Web Service 480

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