Structural design in the interface design

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The elements that construct the visual level of the interface have the obvious degree of color, the size of picture and text, and the most basic and content organization structure.

Structural design refers to the process of grouping the content of the interface, designing the information and data in the interface, and making the structure of the presentation.

Good structure design can make the interface information communicate more clearly and quickly. So, what if it's a structural design?

Grouping of structure design ——— content

Use lines, boxes, background colors to group

This is the most common grouping method and has a long history in UI design.

Use lines to group

Use boxes to Group

Grouping with background colors

Whether the line, box, or background color, are visible boundaries, the purpose of introducing these visible boundaries is to make the information more clear, but the addition of these visual elements to some extent increased the sense of clutter in the interface. So, now more and more will use the distance of the space to the interface content grouping.

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