Struts2 Implement URL pseudo static

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Struts2, SSH implementation URL pseudo static steps:

Reliance on Jar:urlrewrite-3.2.0.jar

First step: Create a new Urlrewrite.xml file under Web-inf

Step Two: Configure the Web.xml file, note the order of the configuration files, need to precede the struts configuration







</init-param> </filter>


















Step Three: Configure the Urlrewrite.xml file

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>

<! DOCTYPE urlrewrite Public "-// urlrewrite 3.2//en"
"Http://" >


<from>^/([a-za-z0-9]+)/([a-za-z0-9]+) \.htm$</from>

<to type= "Forward" >/$1!$</to>



<from>/([a-za-z0-9]+)! ([a-za-z0-9]+) [\.do]$</from>




Note: rule is the URL rewrite rules, from is the displayed address, to is the actual address of the map. Example: <a href= "http://localhost:8080/douwanplay/user/testUrlRewrite.htm" >go</a>, which indicates that the actual request is user!

is an override parameter, its value is one by one corresponding to the regular expression in from, and can be multiple, () in a matching regular expression, at the start of a string of regular expression ^ specified characters, and $ for the specified end (form a bracket--corresponding to a $ parameter)

Outbound-rule is a reverse-rewriting configuration, where the actual dynamic connection is displayed as a static connection mode on the page after it is mapped. Example: <a href= "<c:url value="/user! "/>" >NO</A> the actual page is displayed as user/testurlrewrite.htm. parameter is configured with rule, <c:url/> is <%@ taglib prefix= "C" uri= "Http://"%>


1, with the Struts2 interceptor need to add:

<dispatcher>REQUEST</dispatcher>//Without this page, you cannot use the STRUTS2 label
<dispatcher>FORWARD</dispatcher>//Forwarding must

2, configure the Web.xml, rewrite must be in strtus2 above.

Web.xml Configuration Order



3>urlrewritefilter this must be after sitemesh, otherwise the rewrite page will not be Sitemesh rendered.


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