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"Ctrl+k", "ctrl++shift+k" quickly look down and up to the selected content, no longer need to use the mouse to click the Find dialog box. Ctrl+shift+t Find the Java class files found in the workspace (Workspace) build path, and do not suffer for a class that cannot be found, and you can use "*". "The wildcard character. "Ctrl+shift+r" and "ctrl+shift+t" correspond to find all the files (including Java files) in the workspace (Workspace), or you can use wildcard characters. "Ctrl+shift+g" looks for references to classes, methods, and properties. This is a very useful shortcut, such as modifying the code that references a method, and you can quickly locate all references to this method by using the "ctrl+shift+g" shortcut key. "Ctrl+shift+o" rapid generation of import, when copying a program from the Internet, do not know how to import into the called class, try "ctrl+shift+o" shortcut keys, there will be surprises. "CTRL+SHIFT+F" format code, writing format specification code is a compulsory course for every programmer, when you see a piece of code very uncomfortable, select and press "ctrl+shift+f" shortcut key can format this code, If no code is selected, the current file (the Java file) is formatted by default. Alt+shift+w finds the path in the project where the current file is located, and you can quickly locate the browser view, which is useful when you want to find the package where a file resides (especially in larger projects). "Ctrl+l" navigates to a row in the current editor and is also valid for non-Java files. The "alt+←", "alt+→" back history and forward history are very useful for tracking code, and users may have looked up several related places, but may not be able to remember the order in which they are located. F3 "Quickly locate a class, method, and property of the cursor position." F4 Displays the inheritance relationship of the class and opens the Class inheritance view.

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