[Student information management system] system interface and background, Information Management System Interface

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[Student information management system] system interface and background, Information Management System Interface

The vbprogram interface information of the student information management system corresponds to the database information. When writing code, you should be clear about the connection between the interface and the background information, and grasp it from the global perspective.

Class information operations on the interface, mainly to add, modify, delete information. Corresponding to the database is also the addition, modification, and deletion of information. Update the database to synchronize information.

The student management system is a database, class information, and so on. The specific information, such as the class number, is a field.

Interface Information:

Data Tables in the database:

Net student information management system code and Interface

What about the console application?
Powerful functions integrated with front and back ends
Supports addition, deletion, modification, query, and other functions.
Full personalized Screen
JAVA Programming to Implement a logon interface for the student information management system

Import java. awt .*;
Import java. awt. event .*;
Import java. applet .*;
Import java. applet. Applet;
Import java. io .*;
Import javax. xml. parsers. DoumentBuilderFactory;

Public class UserPanel extends Applet implents ActionListener
Label lblName, lblNumber, lblSex, lblJob, lblText;
TextFiele tfName. tfNumber;
Checkbox chMale, chFemale;
TextArea taText;
Choice chJob;
Button btnOk, btnDisply;
Panel p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9;
String strName, strNumber, strSex, strJob, strText;

Public void init ()
LblName = new Label ("name ");
LblNumber = new Label ("ID card number ");
LblSex = new Label ("gender ");
LblJob = new Label ("Occupation ");
LblText = new Label ("personalized Declaration ");
TfName = new TextField (23 );
TfNumber = new TextFidle (20 );
TaText = new TextArea (10, 20 );
C = new checkboxGroup ();
ChMale = new checkbox ("male", c, true );
ChFemale = new checkbox ("female", c, false );
ChJob = new choice ();
ChJob. add ("student ");
BtnOk = new Button ("OK ");
BtnDisplay = new Button ("display ");
P1 = new panel ();
P2 = new panel ();
P3 = new panel ();
P4 = new panel ();
P5 = new panel ();
P6 = new panel ();
P7 = new panel (new BorderLayout ());
P8 = new panel ();
P9 = new panel (new BorderLayout ());
P1.add (lblName );
P1.add (tfName );
P2.add (lblNumber );
P2.add (lblNumber );
P3.add (lblSex );
P3.add (chMale );
P3.add (chFemale );
P4.add (lblJob );
P4.add (chJob );
P5.add (p3 );
P5.add (p4 );
P6.setL... the remaining full text>

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