Study Notes for the HTML & XHTML authoritative guide 03-Chapter 5. separation line, image, multimedia

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5.1 horizontal split line
<HR> tag
-- Generally, the browser uses 2-3 pixels.
-- If you do not want the split line to be 3D, but want to use a flat 2D split line, you only need to add the noshade attribute to the <HR> label to remove the 3D effect.

Assignment is not required in HTML, but in XHTML, noshade = "noshade" is used ".
-- The default separator line spans the entire display window. The width attribute can be used to shorten or lengthen the length of the separator line.
-- Left, right, center
-- The color of the separator. Only supported by IE and Netscape.
Class, Dir, event, ID, Lang, style, title attribute
-- Common attributes.

Combine various attributes of the separator to obtain special effects. For example:
<HR size = 32 width = "50%" align = center>

5.2 Insert images into documents
Insert an image into the document
The -- src attribute is required. The value is the URL of the image file, that is, the absolute or relative address of the document that references the image.
-- Earlier versions of Netscape provide the sister property lowsrc of src in the label. When you encounter the label for the first time, the address is downloaded and displayed

Lowsrc image. When the entire document is downloaded and can be viewed by users, Netscape continues to download the image specified by Src.

ALT, longdesc attributes
-- The ALT attribute specifies the alternative text, used to represent the content of the image displayed in the browser when the image cannot be displayed or the image is disabled by the user. Highly recommended

This attribute is used in each image of the document. The ALT attribute value is a string that can contain a maximum of 1024 characters.
-- Relationship. In HTML and XHTML, the alignment attribute values in 5 are specified: Left, right, top, middle, and bottom.
The browser also supports five other image alignment extension attributes: texttop, center, absmiddle, baseline, and absbottom.
-- Border of the image. Use the "border = 0" attribute in the tag to remove the border around the image hyperlink.
Height, width
-- Height, width
Hspace, vspace
-- Generally, the graphic browser does not leave much space for the image and the text around it. By default, the distance is two pixels. The relationship between the attributes of the heat map and the vspace can be shown in the following figure:

Like a free breathing space.
Ismap, usemape
-- When you set the ismap attribute and click somewhere on the image, the browser automatically sends the coordinates of the mouse to the server. The server responds.
The -- usemap attribute is a URL value that points to the special <map> and <area> labels and contains the corresponding hyperlink URL.
Class, Dir, event, ID, Lang, style, title, name, onabort, onerror, onload, and other event attributes
-- Common attributes
5.2.1 video Extension
DYNSRC attributes
-- Use the DYNSRC attribute extension in the label to enable IE to display an AVI, mpg, MPEG, mov, WMV, or any popular movie format.

The AVI file is loaded and played in IE. images are displayed in other browsers.
Controls attributes
-- Ie5 or later versions of IE no longer support this method. However, in earlier versions, you can still use the CONTROLS attribute (with no value) in the player window.

Click the mouse to restart and stop and continue playing the movie. For example:

Loop attributes
-- Specifies the number of playback times. Loop = infinite will be played cyclically.
Start attribute
-- If it is set to Mouseover, the video is played only when the mouse moves to the movie. If fileopen is set, it is the default value. It will be played immediately after download.

5.3 document color and background images
<Body> tag supplement and extension
-- Background color of the document. For example, <body bgcolor = "ff0000"> or <body bgcolor = "Peach">.
-- Background image of the document. The value is a URL. By default, the browser repeats the tiled window horizontally and vertically.
-- Mainstream browsers are no longer supported.
-- The border of indentation relative to the left edge of the browser window. The default value is 0 pixels.
-- Same as leftmargin.

5.4 background music
<Bgsound> tag
You can use the src attribute to Set background music. You can set the number of loops in the loop attribute.

5.5 activity text
<Marquee> label
Create a scroll text box
Align: align. There are three values: Top, middle, and bottom.
Behavior: Scroll mode. Three values are available: Scroll (default), slide, and alternate.
Direction. Subtitle text specifies the scroll direction. Left (default) and right.
Loop, number of cycles.
Bgcolor, height, width, hspace, and vspace make some common attributes. Same as above.
The attribute value of scrollamount is the number of shards that the text moves each time during the rolling process.
The scrolldelay attribute can be used to set the interval between two adjacent movements of text during the scrolling process, in milliseconds. The smaller the value, the faster.

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