Studying competitors all day? What are the great gods looking at?

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Whether it is newly built new station, or already has a considerable flow of old station, the competition is always there, that is, almost all of the SEO practitioners in the process of optimizing work, the inevitable step is to study the competitor's data, and then tap the key words, high-quality external chain platform and other information, It is then applied to its own site. On this issue, steeds small think, as a professional SEO practitioners will not be unfamiliar, but for those novice SEOer , research competitors in the end need to see what?

From the SEO Professional point of view, competitor research is the most important part of the market competition research, this process can help stationmaster friends to judge the competition degree of certain key words and understand the whole condition of the industry. Therefore, the small part of the Hefei Talent Network (, the first in-depth understanding of their own site information, the next thing to do is to study the same industry opponent's data, and then find a suitable SEO strategy put into execution, of course, it takes time to slow down oh!

1, the other site specifically optimized?

Although now the Society,SEO is almost every website is doing content, but can not exclude some sites and did not involve Ah! So in the determination of competitors, the small part will basically look at the other side of the wood has optimized traces, such as the first page title tag settings, site column distribution is reasonable or not,theURL is static and so on. If the other site is not optimized, then beyond it is very promising, but if the other side has to do SEO, then we need to further find it worthy of reference to the place, such as the site structure is better, external links to build better. This is not to help us to find the SEO direction faster?!

2, the domain name for how long

Whether it is the study of competitors, or exchange links, the observation of the other domain name is the first step, after all, the domain name in the search engine is the image of the site. If the domain name has not been established for a long time, the search engine trust it will not be too high, it is possible that the domain name was K before , then such a competitor should not be too afraid. Of course, if the other party's domain name longer, and long-term search engine trust, that webmaster friends or put it aside, well beyond other sites!

3, Google PR value is not high

Although the domestic market has been monopolized by Baidu, but professional SEOer will still be Google 's PR value as the standard, after all, it is more authoritative. Because the PR value is often able to visually explain the quality and quantity of external links, so if the other side of the home page PR reached more than 5, it proves that the quality of the site is very high Oh! But at the end of the year Google will no longer update the tool bar PR , so the more backward, The reference value of the PR value will be less and less.

4, Baidu snapshot update date near not close

In general, search engine crawling included in the frequency of the higher, then the snapshot date will be updated quickly, which also reflects from the side of the site domain name weight is not too low Oh! But on the contrary, it is not set up, not the recent update snapshot of the site domain name weight is not high Oh! Of course, it depends on the actual situation of the site.

5. What is the total number of pages included?

Although we are in the study of competitors, do not know the total number of pages each other, but according to the search engine included in the total number of pages can see a certain problem. In general, the larger the site, the higher the weight, the more it will be included in the number, so the webmaster friends encounter such competitors, can only silently increase the number of their own sites included!

6. External link of construction

Do not know the wood has, a lot of high-weight site is basically the number of outside the chain will be very much, of course, if you use "domain" command query, you will find his external chain source is a lot of their own site, of course, there are some high-quality external chain platform. At this time, webmaster friends can record these platforms, and then develop into their own outside the chain source Oh!

7, by how many directory class, navigation class site included

For many novice SEOer , the submission site is like a good experience, so it has been widely circulated. In fact, in the study of competitors, it is necessary to excavate the catalogue category and navigation site of its website. After all, such as the Open catalogue and other high-quality catalogs, search engines will also "look at" Oh!

8, social media management?

For search engines, appearing in social media is increasingly becoming a ranking reference factor, and if you find that a competitor has a social media, why not run your own social media? After all, social media can not only improve the exposure of the site, but also introduce a certain amount of traffic, to achieve marketing Oh!

This article by the university graduates first employment platform provides, reprint please indicate the source. Novice SEOer, the next time you study the competition, know what to look at it!

Studying competitors all day? What are the great gods looking at?

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