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Japanese culture is a rigorous and humble attitude, this attitude in the design of the Web page also has an obvious embodiment. In the visual design, the Japanese-style web pages are mostly fresh and natural keynote, in the user experience, but also to allow users to feel the intangible warmth and thoughtfulness.

Fresh and elegant watercolor, or is full of small decorative Japanese elements, in short, Japanese-style web design allows us to accurately distinguish from small details, low-key but not mediocre may be the most appropriate adjective.

The following is the anyforweb for you to collect the Japanese national characteristics of the web design, hope to bring inspiration and inspiration to everyone.

1.Good Design Company's homepage completely subvert the traditional sense of the home page, the site will most customers more concerned about, and view a higher frequency of the case page ahead to the entire homepage. In the visual and layout although it will appear too close, but the effect of smart is a good disguise of this deficiency. After the mouse on the case picture, this column of pictures will change, so that users can not click to see the overall effect.

2. Tukuru-hito style belongs to the more typical Japanese pastoral system, the overall tone of the website is very fresh and natural. The float in the Web page is a feature of the Japanese web site, just as the leaf element is shown in the case. Japanese web design often uses a number of petals or leaves to decorate the page, creating the atmosphere users want.

3. Ohzan used gouache as the background of the homepage, which also belongs to the design method of Japanese web design. The breeze drizzle and the wind color gouache can reflect the elegant classical Japanese culture, let the website look more a layer of deep culture.

4. Mitsugashi is a shop and product introduction site, just skim the Web site, you can feel a strong natural flavor, as the original research put forward, not too much design, is another design, this is the representative concept of Japanese design.

5. Kataomoi3 is a personal blog site full of Japanese style. The design of this site is reflected in a number of details, the above mentioned floating is the Japanese web site commonly used design, and here, with the mouse sliding, the text of each stroke will be converted into cherry petals drift in the entire screen, with a sober elegant color, so that the site has a beautiful atmosphere.

6. Suzuki-komuten embodies another style of Japanese web pages. This style lacks a lot of aesthetic classical meaning, but from the other side of the present Japanese busy city rhythm. Close text content and easy to understand the picture collocation, this lets the user's visual feeling slightly inferior, but can in the scope quickly to find the content which oneself needs.

7. Tokyonohatakekara is the website of a Japanese dessert shop. The entire site has a hand-painted style, so that the site is full of affinity. The right amount of dynamic effect is added to the site fresh and lovely elements, so that all love the dessert users.

8. Asitanosikaku site features mainly in the effect of a more obvious embodiment of the page center of the oval bubble will follow the mouse movement and change, resulting in a played can be broken illusion, so that the whole picture has become more smart, each button is full of vitality.

9. More rare is an e-commerce website in Japan. Who said that E-commerce site can not balance the visual design and user experience! More rare to do the best of both worlds. Hot products recommended directly to the home page, omit the price, description, and wireframe, and so on, only show the product thumbnail, it is easier for users to focus on the product itself.

STEPC is a full-screen flash site, the site incorporates a lot of pixels and small color block elements, so that the site is both retro and modern.

The appearance of a design works is obvious to all, and the user experience of the works only has the right to speak to the actual users. At the beginning of the design for users to imagine, and even experience their lives, this is a lot of Japanese culture has been nurtured by designers will do things.

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