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???? Some say that they want to be a screenwriter, but my university has basically lost the ability to write things for three years (just typing really sucks), the first script to write what, of course, is to write their own experience and add some modifications, as a girlfriend can not find the cock silk, then nature is a sentimental story, but also a high school emotional story, Frankly speaking, this kind of story outline I do not like very much, oneself is disgusted with this kind of city, because this thing depends on selling sentiment, sell not good can only hehe

???? No matter what it is, the beginning is very important, music, movies, games, so I do not like the opening of a piece of music, what is the beginning of a script, not the first scene, but the script should be called. This is a problem that bothers me, I have a bad name. As an oriental man, The name should be implicit, according to write code words, can not expose the script details, I began to think of is << magnet stone >> Because this is a relatively long fragment of this play,< heroine mentioned this thing, and then male pig feet to Changsha bought her back; The name of the play is not good, the details of serious exposure, and will make people misunderstand what I want to express, if so named, probably after reading the thought of the male pig's feet is like the heroine such a feeling, but I do not want to express this kind of thing, and then I thought of a name, called << Kite >>

???? This play name a bit unreasonable ingredient, my absurd thought is doing strange, take such a title, is probably the heroine compared to a kite, the actor is want to put the line of the person, and then has been chasing kites, this title and basically in close to what I want to express things, because this play has a lot of fragmented fragments, are the heroine in front, the male Probably after the people will think of the protagonist chasing the heroine did not chase the story, this is not what I want to express, but I did not pay attention to this, I began to conceive of the plot, today Guan Ju asked me how the script written, in fact, I did not write, and did not type, I was in the brain to think Ah, ah, he said I want to write, but think back to the topic, I feel inappropriate, I really want to express what, back in high school I that period of emotional experience, very painful, and then look at my own appearance, I know what I want to express

???? That is the title of this article,<< non-fish >> I want to express that during that time I am not a fish, I do not know the joy of fish, fish is not me, she does not know my idea, I want to express is probably the first love between men and women "I" mood change, the story is not the focus of love, but "I "The transformation, the heroine existence or not is not important, but with the help of the first love this thing to express just fine, my writing ability really dropped a lot, there are a lot of things to express, but only to express such a little dry words


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