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Xftp is commonly used in win to deliver files to remote services. However, if remote files are frequently dragged to local editing during project development and then sent back to the remote server, it is very troublesome, however, the SFTP plug-in sublime makes the world a lot better. Sublime SFTP, As long as Ctrl + S to synchronize local to the server.

Its main function is to connect to the remote server through FTP/SFTP and obtain the file list. You can choose to download, edit, rename, delete, and so on. Click Download and edit to open the file and modify it. After the modification is complete, save the modification and upload it to the remote server.



After using this plug-in, the workflow becomes: Use the SFTP plug-in to open the file-> Use sublime to edit and modify the file-> Save the file-> refresh the page. The efficiency has been improved by at least one time. The following describes how to use it.


Sublime SFTP mainly works in two ways:
  1. Server:Connect to the remote server to access files on the remote server. It is generally used to modify some files on the remote server.
  2. Remote:Ing local folders to remote folders can be used to upload local folders to remote servers, or download the entire folder on the remote server to the specified folder. It is often used in local development projects.
1. Installation

Downshift + ctrl + pKey, call out panel, use package control plug-in to install. Enter "Install" and press enter, and then enter "SFTP" to install the plug-in. After installation, you must configure the server.



2. Connect to the remote server)



After installing the plug-in, restart sublime text, find the "SFTP/ftp" option in the "file" menu, and click Configure:



After you click it, a new window is displayed, which is a configuration file.

Generally, configure the six parameters referred to by the arrow, including the connection method, server address, user name, password, and port. If your server has other configurations, you can also set them by commenting on them. The "path" is also set ".

The storage configuration file is in the packages/user/sftp_servers folder. The file name is displayed in the server list. Therefore, the file name cannot contain spaces.



After the configuration is complete, save and enter a name as the identifier.



Click "file" and select "SFTP/ftp" to view the server list.



Find the server we set



At this time, you can click a file to bring up some options.

You can edit or rename a file as needed. After you click Edit, It will be opened locally and can be modified. When you press Ctrl + S to save the file, the file will be automatically uploaded.

If you want to view other files on the server or need more functions, right-click the current file and select "SFTP/ftp". More options are available, no way. More features are available for your exploration!


3. Remote

And remote synchronization can only exist in the context menu of the folder in the sidebar. In other words, if we want to use the remote synchronization function, we must add the folder we want to operate to the sidebar of sublime text.

The configuration information is stored inSftp-config.jsonThe folder storing the configuration file can be mapped to the configuration file.Remote_pathSpecify the remote path.



Right-click the menu of the sidebar folder and select map to remote (if you want to down the remote project to a local place, you 'd better create a local folder with the same name as the project folder, drag the empty folder to the sidebar of sublime, and right-click the folder ).

Then, a folder namedsftp-config.json.




When we save the configuration file information, some new function options will be added to the shortcut menu of the folder we operate on:



In these options, we can synchronize the files in our folder to the custom directory of the remote specified server, you can also pull the contents from the specified Remote Server Directory to our folder for editing.



Of course, we can also pull the project directory on the server to the local directory and edit the file locally. After editing and saving the file, we can directly upload it to the server:


4. configuration file parameter information

For more information, see the official documentation.


5. Activation

When using the service, you may encounter a problem. After using the service several times, a box pops up to remind you that this is not a free service and you need to buy it. You can turn to the omnipotent Baidu, you can also pay for it on the official website. Here we will only introduce the activation method.

The registration method is:


Click perference ----> package settings -------> SFTP -------> setting user

After I entered it, it was blank and there was nothing. At this time, we can paste our registration code.

Paste the file, save it, and exit.

Chang Dapeng
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Sublime Text 3 common plug-ins -- SFTP

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