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Sublime Text 3 Powerful not only plug-ins, with shortcut keys also commendable, the following introduction of the common shortcut key


Sublime Text 3 key points: Multi-area editing and line editing capabilities the go to and ctrl+shift+p shortcut keys have a comprehensive management mechanism: macros, folding, multiple interfaces, and so on can use historical replication

Sublime Text system with shortcut keys in key Bindings-default,
Priority level is lower than Key Bindings-user,
(The highest priority is the shortcut key for the plug-in)
All settings are in the *.sublime-keymap file

Also, note that the Sublime Text cursor under the shortcut key may indicate
Current position , current word , current line

Note: "" indicates that the author is custom based on Eclipse, '/' denotes or, ', ' denotes overlay, ' () ' indicates that there is or no edit basic edit:

Commands Keys
Undo/redo Ctrl + z/y
Soft undo Ctrl + U
Copy/paste Ctrl + c/v
Select past Replication CTRL + K, CTRL + V
Insert new up/down and jump Ctrl (+ Shift) + Enter
Delete pre/Post words Ctrl + backspace/delete
Delete to beginning/end CTRL + K + backspace/k
Jump to pre/post words Ctrl/alt +←/→
Full complement Tab
Prompt for full complement ' alt+/
Remove Tab to specify width Shift + Tab
Convert Large/lowercase

' Ctrl + Shift + x/y

(multiple) Line/block edit:

Note: These shortcuts interpret the cursor as the current line; The block here refers to the selected text, not the statement block

Commands Keys
(go) Line/Block Comment Ctrl +/
Select row Ctrl + L
Delete rows/blocks Ctrl + X
Up/Down Swap lines ' Alt +↑/↓
Copy rows Ctrl + Shift + D
Merge downlink Ctrl + J
(GO) indent Ctrl + [/]

Note: Ctrl + X and Shift + delete Copy to clipboard code collapse while deleting:

Commands Keys
Fold to 1/2 ... Level CTRL + K, CTRL + 1/2 ...
Expand All CTRL + K, CTRL + J
Collapse/Expand Ctrl + Shift + [/]

Commands Keys
(cancel) Add bookmark Ctrl + F2
Top/Next Bookmark (Shift +) F2
Delete all bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + F2


Commands Keys
Unrestricted choice of multiple places Ctrl + Left button
Select both the top/down and the same position Ctrl + Alt +↑/↓
Select multiple rows of the same location at the same time Shift + Right button
Choose the next same word Ctrl + D
Skip Current, select Next same word CTRL + K, CTRL + D
Select all the same words Ctrl + F, Alt + Enter
Select to pre/post words Ctrl/alt (+ Shift) +←/→
Select inside brackets Ctrl + Shift + M
Select to same indent

Ctrl + Shift + J

Note: When (multiple) text is selected: the input symbol can be filled at all ends; Ctrl + Shift + L can select multiple/line end Find

Commands Keys
(reverse) Find (Shift +) F3
Find (All files) Ctrl (+ Shift) + F
Replace Ctrl + H


Commands Keys
Fullscreen F11
Do Not Disturb mode Shift + F11
Multi-column split screen Shift + Alt + 1/2/3/4
Select a Label page Alt + 1/2 ...

go to

Commands Keys
Go to File Ctrl + P
Go to line number Ctrl + G
Go to (all files) symbol Ctrl (+ Shift) + R
Go to corresponding bracket Ctrl + M


Commands Keys
Command line Ctrl + Shift + P
Compile/Run Ctrl (+ Shift) + B
(stop) Recording macros Ctrl + Q
Run macros Ctrl + Shift + Q

File, Project, preference, help

The shortcut keys in File are basically generic,
such as CTRL + O, CTRL + W, CTRL + N, CTRL + Shift + T ..., omit
The shortcut keys in the other three are not commonly used, are not common, and also omit the conclusion

The author's custom shortcut key (reference Eclispe) mentioned above

    {"Keys": ["Alt+up"], "command": "Swap_line_up"},  
    {"Keys": ["Alt+down"], "command": "Swap_line_down"},< c19/>{"Keys": ["Shift+ctrl+y"], "command": "Lower_case"},  
    {"Keys": ["shift+ctrl+x"], "command": "Upper_case"},< c21/>{"Keys": ["alt+/"], "command": "Auto_complete"},  
    {"Keys": ["alt+/"], "command": "Replace_completion_with_ Auto_complete "," context ":  
            {" Key ":" Last_command "," operator ":" Equal "," operand ":" Insert_best_ Completion "},  
            {" key ":" Auto_complete_visible "," operator ":" Equal "," operand ": false},  
            {" Key ":" Setting.tab_completion "," operator ":" Equal "," operand ": true}  


Opening: If said notepad++ is a good code artifact, then sublime text should be called the Artifact drop brother. The biggest advantage of Sublime text is Cross-platform, Mac and Windows are perfect to use, followed by powerful plug-in support, almost omnipotent.

start using sublime Text:

Sublime text has the dev version, recommended to use, download the address, generally recommended to download a portable version (portable versions), so it is convenient to take away, also do not install, and plug-ins and the main body in a directory, portable.

Related reading:The front-end development tool recommended by the big Front end recommends lightweight development software notepad++ and its two super-strong auxiliary Plug-ins

Sublime Text shortcut key: 

ctrl+shift+p: Open the Command panel

ctrl+p: Searching for files in a project

ctrl+g: Jump to the first few lines

ctrl+w: Closes the currently open file

ctrl+shift+w: Close all open files

Ctrl+shift+v: Paste and format

Ctrl+d: Select words, repeat to increase the selection of the next same word

ctrl+l: Select rows, repeat to increase the selection next line

ctrl+shift+l: Select multiple lines

Ctrl+shift+enter: Inserts a new row before the current line

ctrl+x: Delete When moving forward

ctrl+m: Jump to the corresponding bracket

Ctrl+u: Soft undo, undo cursor Position

ctrl+j: Select the label content

ctrl+f: Finding Content

ctrl+shift+f: Find and replace

ctrl+h: Replace

Ctrl+r: Go to Method

CTRL + N: New Window

ctrl+k+b: Switch Side bar

ctrl+shift+m: Select the current bracket contents, repeat the parentheses themselves

Ctrl+f2: Set/Remove Tags

ctrl+/: Note When moving forward

ctrl+shift+/: Insert comment at current position

ctrl+alt+/: Block comments, and focus to the first line, write a note for the

Ctrl+shift+a: Before and after selecting the current label, modify the label

F11: Full Screen

shift+f11: Full screen free of disturb mode, edit current file only

alt+f3: Select all the same words

ALT +.: Closed label

alt+shift+ Digital: Split-screen display

ALT + Number: Toggle Open Nth File

shift+ Right-drag: Multiple cursors not used to change or insert column contents The forward back key of the mouse can toggle the tab file

Press CTRL, click or select, you can need to edit multiple locations

Press ctrl+shift+ up and down key, you can replace rows

Sublime Text Setting: Setting User

The following are used by the Ho Zi

	"font_face": "Courier New",
	"font_size": 9.0,
	"Highlight_line": True,
	"Scroll_past_end": false,
	"Tab_size": 4,
	"theme": "Soda dark.sublime-theme",
	"Word_wrap": True
Sublime Text plugin:

It is recommended to enable package control first, the role is convenient when installing Plug-ins, 

Enabling methods: Menu bar –view–show Console, paste the following code and enter, and then restart the sublime. If your network is not enabled, it is not available, manual search downloads Go (say your net is also blocked.) )。

Import urllib2,os;pf= ' Package control.sublime-package ';
 Ipp=sublime.installed_packages_path (); Os.makedirs (IPP) 
if Not os.path.exists (IPP) Else None;open (Os.path.join (IPP,PF), ' WB '). 
Write (Urllib2.urlopen (' Http:// /' +pf.replace (', '%20 '). Read ())

Start installing some very useful plug-ins, ctrl+shift+p (menu –tools–command paletter), enter  install Select Install package and return, Enter or select the plug-in you need to return to install (note the small text changes in the lower left corner, will prompt installation success), install other plug-ins is this method, very fast. zencoding
have to use a front-end development of Plug-ins, Write less, show more. After installation can be used directly, the TAB key trigger, ALT+SHIFT+W is a code machine. Alignment
code alignment, such as writing several variables, select these lines, Ctrl+alt+a, wow, all. 

write CSS to automatically add private affixes such as-webkit, Ctrl+alt+x trigger. 

HTML format, right-Auto-format Tags on ducument. 

Clipboard History
Clipboard history, showing more historical replication, ctrl+shift+v triggering. 

Sidebar Right button enhancements, very practical 

Perfect Coding theme, used all say well, Setting user add "Theme": "Soda dark.sublime-theme" 

file encoding from GBK to sing UTF8, menu –file find 

directly edit ftp or SFTP server files, absolute ftp cloud 

strong> integration of some WordPress functions, for like me often to write WP templates and plug-ins are particularly useful for the phptidy
Collation layout php code YUI Compressor
/strong> compressed JS and CSS files 

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