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(i) Sublime Text 3 Installation Package control

Automatic installation:

1, through the shortcut key Ctrl + ' or View > show Console menu to open the console

2, paste the corresponding version of the code after the carriage return installation

Applies to Sublime Text 3:

Import urllib.request,os;pf= ' Package control.sublime-package '; Ipp=sublime.installed_packages_path (); Urllib.request.install_opener (Urllib.request.build_opener (Urllib.request.ProxyHandler ())), Open (Os.path.join ( IPP,PF), ' WB '). Write (Urllib.request.urlopen ('' +pf.replace (', '%20 ')). Read ())

Manual Installation:

The first step is to download the zip file in the Https://, and then change the folder name to package control after decompression.

The second step is to download the zip file in the plugin branch Https://, and then unzip it to cover the package control, Complete the update of this plug-in API function.

Finally, put the package control folder into C:\Users\Mr.DenGo (your computer name) \appdata\roaming\sublime Text 3\packages, restart Sublime text 3 to take effect.

Sublime text 3 commonly used Plug-ins recommended:
Ctrl+shift+p Call Out window: Input Install package

Then enter the plugin you want:

Brackethighlighter highlight matching parentheses, quotes, and labels

Brackethighlighter This plugin can highlight matching parentheses, quotes, and tags on the left to match [], (), {}, "", ", <tag></tag> etc. even custom tags, when you see the dense code is not clear With nested relationships between tags, this plugin is a good way to help you figure out the code structure, quickly positioning parentheses, quotes, and the range within the tag.

Plugin Download:

(ii) Solve Chinese garbled problem
CTRL + SHIFT + P, then click Package Control, enter (or select from the Drop-down list) install package, and then enter the name of the plugin you want to install, where we choose ConvertToUTF8 ', OK.
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