Sublime Text 3 Using the Sublimegdb graphical debug C + + program

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This article describes how to implement a convenient graphical interface for debugging in sublime text by installing the Sublimegdb plugin.

In the previous article sublime text 3, configuring the C + + compilation environment, we introduced the method of compiling and running C + + code using sublime text 3. However, only one key to run the code, but can not be one-step debugging is a bit uncomfortable. Although the debug code under Windows is better than the VS, sometimes we only have a simple CPP file, and then the VS construction project is a bit overqualified.

Preparing for work installation MinGW

The preparation here is to install the tools you want to use GCC g++ and gdb. For more information about these, refer to the installation MinGW, which repeats the steps only once:

1. Download MinGW

This provides the mingw extracted from the Codeblocks-13.12mingw-setup:


After decompression, put the MinGW folder into the C packing directory

2. Add Environment variables

Environment variables, advanced system settings, properties, right-click Computer

In the value of path, you can find some directories that are separated by semicolons in English .   We double-click on path to add our GCC path C:\MinGW\bin. Be aware of the English semicolon before and after.


When the above steps are done, restart windows. (If you can use GCC in cmd without restarting, it may not work in sublime and will cause strange problems)

Create a new main.cpp in the D-Drive test directory with the following content

#include <cstdio> int main()
{ int a=3; int b;


    printf("%d\n",b); return 0;

Then hold down SHIFT and right-click in the space and choose to open the Command window here.


g++-G Main.cpp-o maingdb Main

The first sentence generates a main.exe executable that can be debugged, and the second sentence goes into GDB debugging

In GdB, use start to run, enter N to execute next sentence, enter I locals view current variable

If you enter I locals, you can see the value of the variable, and it's half done.


Use the package control to install, if you have not installed the package control, you can refer to the installation of the package control

Then open through the menu preferneces, package control, select the Install package

Then enter SUBLIMEGDB and click on it to install it.

Modifying a configuration file

Select Preferneces, Package Settings, Sublimegdb-Settings–user

Enter the content below

    "commandline":"g++ -g -std=c++11 ${file} -o ${file_base_name} && gdb --interpreter=mi --args ./${file_base_name}",

Save. Restart Sublime.

Using Sublimegdb

The cursor is placed on a line, and a breakpoint is added by pressing the F9 key

When the breakpoint is set, press F5 to start debugging

Default shortcut keys (you can modify Default.sublime-keymap by modifying the shortcut keys)

Keys Function
F5 Start debugging
Ctrl+f5 Stop Debugging
F9 Set breakpoints
F10 Step over, perform one step, do not enter function
F11 Step into, enter function
Shift+f11 Step out, jump out of function

Click on the gdb callstack to jump to the corresponding function.

In the window GDB Variables can see the value of the variable, double-click the variable can modify the value of the variable. If the variable name has a plus sign to the left, you can expand the view sub-variable.

At the bottom of the GdB window can be entered GDB command to run, you can refer to GdB debugging beginners (a) | Aloft

You can also use the right-click GDB menu to implement these features

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Sublime Text 3 Using the Sublimegdb graphical debug C + + program (GO)

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