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Today, I checked the DM45 of ccopus and did a good job. Before that, I also wanted to develop a program that is very similar to windows resource manager. After seeing dm45, I think I should give up. The WEB-based file management is always permitted in whatever way, and everyone implements almost the same thing, just in appearance, document management is not very useful in terms of ease of operation. It is difficult to control the permissions of multiple users. Since others have done so, I think it is better not to repeat the work, besides, you may not be able to do well. The following code is used to save a souvenir and sort files locally. However, the levels between directories are not well done yet. If you are interested, you can refer to it. Theoretically, you can implement interfaces and operations similar to windows resource manager. The whole interface adopts a new method of refreshing. Use XMLHTTP to execute background code, and use JS to modify foreground display. Here is an idea, hoping to help beginners.
The code is as follows:
<Title> WEB File Manager 2.0 </title>
<Meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = "text/html; charset = gb2312">
<Style type = "text/css">
<! --
A {
Font-size: 9pt;
Color: # 3300CC;
Text-decoration: none;
Body {
Font-size: 9pt;
Margin-left: 0px;
Margin-top: 0px;
Margin-right: 0px;
Margin-bottom: 0px;
Line-height: 20px;
Background-color: # EEEEEE;
Td {
Font-size: 9pt;
Line-height: 20px;
. Tx {
Border-color: #000000;
Border-left-width: 0px;
Border-top-width: 0px;
Border-right-width: 0px;
Border-bottom-width: 1px;
Font-size: 9pt;
Background-color: # EEEEEE;
. Tx1 {
Font-size: 9pt;
Border: 1px solid;
Border-color: #000000;
Color: #000000;
'Copyright disclaimer: this code is for study and research purposes only. I am not responsible for any consequences arising from using this program. It shall not be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the author.
'Qq: 103895
'Http: //
Server. ScriptTimeout = 999
Action = Request ("action ")
Temp = Split (Request. ServerVariables ("URL "),"/")
Url = temp (UBound (temp ))
Const pass = "" 'login password
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