Subsonic operation instance

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Subsonic operation instance

I. Query

1) Simple query 

One method (decomposition constructor) 

Subsonic.QueryQuery =Tpjworkday. Createquery ();

Query. selectlist =Tpjworkday.Columns. Year +","+Tpjworkday.Columns. Yearmonth +","+Tpjworkday.Columns. Workdays;

Query. addwhere (Tpjworkday.Columns. Year, yearnum );

Query. orderby = subsonic.Orderby. ASC (Tpjworkday.Columns. Yearmonth );

DatatableDt = query. executedataset (). Tables [0];


Another method (LINQType)

SqlqueryQuery =NewSelect(Tpjworkday.Columns. Year,Tpjworkday.Columns. Yearmonth,Tpjworkday.Columns. Workdays). From (Tpjworkday. Schema

 ). Where (Tpjworkday.Columns. Year). isrelative to (yearnum). orderasc (Tpjworkday.Columns. Yearmonth );

DatatableDt = query. executedataset (). Tables [0];



Querybuilder. addwhere (Tbaseaddressbook.Columns. Name,Comparison. Like,"%"+This. Tbname. Text +"%");


3) Query a single value

SqlqueryQuery =NewSelect(Tbasedepartment.Columns. Deptname). From (Tbasedepartment. Schema

 ). Where (Tbasedepartment.Columns. Deptid). isrelative to (deptid );

ReturnQuery. executescalar (). tostring ();


4) Multi-table join query (the number of connected tables exceeds3It is best to use the view)

By UnitIDGet user

SqlqueryQuery =NewSelect(Tbaseuser. Useridcolumn,Tbaseuser. Usernamecolumn,Tbaseuser. Personnamecolumn,Tbaseuser. Phonecodecolumn,Tbaseuser. Emailcolumn)

. From (Tbaseuser. Schema). innerjoin (Tlstuserindepartment. Useridcolumn,Tbaseuser. Useridcolumn)

. Where (Tbaseuser. Enabledcolumn). isdue to (1)

. And (Tlstuserindepartment. Deptidcolumn). isdue to (deptid)

. Orderasc (Tbaseuser.Columns. Userid );

DatatableDt = query. executedataset (). Tables [0];

Note:Innerjoin(F2, F1. That is to say, when two tables are connected,FromThe table in the statement should be placed behind it.


5) Paging Query

(Method 1,Query)

// QueryMethod Paging,Sequence Number Column usageRowindex,OracleDatabase

QueryQuery1 =NewQuery(Tbaseuser. Schema );

Query1.selectlist =Tbaseuser.Columns. Userid +","+Tbaseuser.Columns. Personname +","+Tbaseuser.Columns. Phonecode +","+Tbaseuser.Columns. Email +","+Tbaseuser.Columns. Userindex;

Query1.addwhere (Tbaseuser.Columns. Issignedin,Comparison. Equals, 1 );//Logon status

Query1.and (Tbaseuser.Columns. Enabled,Comparison. Equals, 1 );//Enable

Query1.orderby =Orderby. ASC (Tbaseuser.Columns. Userindex );

IntSum = query1.getrecordcount ();//Used to calculate the total number of pages

Query1.pagesize = 12;//Page size

Query1.pageindex = pagenum-1;//Current page

DatatableViewdata = query1.executedataset (). Tables [0];

If(Sum % 12 = 0)

This. Lbpagecount. Text = (sum/12). tostring ();


This. Lbpagecount. Text = (sum/12 + 1). tostring ();

This. Lbpagenum. Text = pagenum. tostring ();


(Method 2,Sqlquery)

// SqlqueryBy page. Use the serial number column.Row_numberOracleDatabase

SqlqueryQuery =NewSelect(). From (Vwfsupervisor. Schema). Where (Vwfsupervisor.Columns. Userid). isattached to (createuserinfo (). userid). orderasc (Vwfsupervisor.Columns. Userid );

IntSum = query. getrecordcount ();//Total number of records before pagination

Query. Paged (pagenum-1, 12 );

DatatableViewdata = query. executedataset (). Tables [0];

If(Sum % 12 = 0)

This. Lbpagecount. Text = (sum/12). tostring ();


This. Lbpagecount. Text = (sum/12 + 1). tostring ();

 This. Lbpagenum. Text = pagenum. tostring ();



Ii. insert, update, and delete

Insert and update operations are based on objects.Save ()The update and insert operations are mainly reflected in the entity'sIsnewProperty, ifIsnew = true, The insert operation is executed, and the update operation is executed.

When instantiating an object, suchTpjworkdayNewworkday =NewTpjworkday()At this timeNewworkday. isnew = true;

When a parameter is input for instantiation,

TpjattendancetimeAttendancetime =NewTpjattendancetime(Convert. Toint32 (Dt. Rows [0] ["Flowid"]);At this timeNewworkday. isnew = false.



TpjworkdayNewworkday =NewTpjworkday();

Newworkday. Year =Convert. Toint32 (lbyear. Text );

Newworkday. yearmonth =Convert. Toint32 (This. Lbyear. Text) * 100 + (I + 1 );

Newworkday. Workdays = workstr;

Newworkday. Save ();


NewInsert(Tlstuserinrole. Schema,False). Value (Tlstuserinrole. Useridcolumn, 2). Value (Tlstuserinrole. Roleidcolumn, 2)

. Value (Tlstuserinrole. Createbycolumn, 3). Value (Tlstuserinrole. Createtimecolumn,Datetime. Now). Execute ();

WhereFalseNot all fields. Default Value:True



The method for gradually updating a single field and passing in the primary key field value

TpjattendancetimeAttendancetime =NewTpjattendancetime(Convert. Toint32 (Dt. Rows [0] ["Flowid"]);

Attendancetime. begintime =Convert. Todatetime (tbbegintime. value );

Attendancetime. endtime =Convert. Todatetime (tbendtime. value );

Attendancetime. AM1 =Convert. Todatetime (dlam1.selectedvalue). to1_timestring ();

Attendancetime. AM2 =Convert. Todatetime (dlam2.selectedvalue). to1_timestring ();

Attendancetime. PM1 =Convert. Todatetime (dlpm1.selectedvalue). to1_timestring ();

Attendancetime. PM2 =Convert. Todatetime (dlpm2.selectedvalue). to1_timestring ();

Attendancetime. modifyby =Convert. Toint32 (request. querystring ["Userid"]);

Attendancetime. modifytime = system.Datetime. Now;

Attendancetime. Save ();


NewUpdate(Tpjinnernews. Schema). Set (Tpjinnernews. Newstitlecolumn). Similar ("123"). Where (Tpjinnernews. Newsidcolumn). isdue to (3 );


Composite primary key update method ,(Userid,Ascxid)

NewUpdate(Tlstuserhomepage. Schema). Set (Tlstuserhomepage.Columns. Modifytime). Failed to (system.Datetime. Now). Set (Tlstuserhomepage.Columns. Modifyby). Modify to (3). Where (Tlstuserhomepage. Useridcolumn)

. Isdue to (409). And (Tlstuserhomepage. Ascxidcolumn). isdue to (11). Execute ();


//Modify record,Get the object first, and then update

TbasestatisticType =NewSelect(). From (Tbasestatistic. Schema). Where (Tbasestatistic.Columns. Typeid). issimilar (Int. Parse (geteqstring ("Typeid")))

. And (Tbasestatistic.Columns. Statid). isrelative (Int. Parse (This. Label3.text). executescalar ();

Type. statname =This. Textbox1.text. Trim ();

Type. stattabname =This. Label1.text;

Type. statcolname =This. Label12.text;

Type. statcolid =This. Label7.text;

Type. datecolname =This. Label14.text;

Type. wherepart =This. Label8.text;

Type. Save ();


Update table set column = column +1

IntRecords =NewUpdate(Product. Schema)

. Setexpression ("Unitprice"). Similar ("Unitprice * 3")

. Where ("Productid"). Isdue to (1)

. Execute ();



QueryQ =Tpjworkday. Createquery ();

Q. Where (Tpjworkday.Columns. Year,Convert. Toint32 (lbyear. Text ));

Q. querytype =Querytype. Delete;

Q. Execute ();


Tpjworkday. Delete (Tpjworkday.Columns. Yearmonth,"200901");




Iii. Transaction Processing

Using(ShareddbconnectionscopeSP =NewShareddbconnectionscope())


Using(TransactionscopeScope =NewTransactionscope())


//Database Operations

// You cannot use the auto-increment operation of the platform. Otherwise, an error is returned:

{"Unable to loadDLL"Oramts. dll":The specified module cannot be found.(Exception fromHresult: 0x8007007e)."}

// Caca. businesslogic. util. counterutil. increment ("entityinnernews ")

Scope. Complete ();




List<Sqlquery> List =NewList<Sqlquery> ();

List. Add (NewDelete(). From (Tbaseaddressbook. Schema). Where (Tbaseaddressbook.Columns. Serialno). isdue to (LBL. Text ));

List. Add (NewDelete(). From (Tbaseaddressbookusual. Schema). Where (Tbaseaddressbookusual.Columns. Serialno). isdue to (LBL. Text ));

Sqlquery. Executetransaction (list );


List<Insert> List = newList<Insert> ();


Stored Procedure:

// Storedprocedure SPD = newstoredprocedure ("getdatatable ");

// SPD. Command. addparameter ("@ userid", userid );

// SPD. Command. addoutputparameter ("@ dataresult ");

// SPD. Execute ();




IV,SubsonicDirect executionSQLStatement(Webshell: When an unsolved problem occurs, write it directly.SQLStatement)

SubsonicDirect executionSQLYou can use the following statements:


//RunSQLStatement, returnDatatable

Querycommand qc = newquerycommand (strsql. tostring (), null );


Dt = dataservice. getdataset (QC). Tables [0];



Public void inline_simple ()


Querycommandcmd = new inlinequery (). getcommand ("select productid from products ");

Assert. istrue (CMD. commandsql =

"Select productid fromproducts ");



Public void inline_withcommands ()


Querycommandcmd = new inlinequery ()

. Getcommand (@ "selectproductid from products

Whereproductid = @ productid ", 1 );


Assert. istrue (CMD. Parameters [0]. parametername = "@ productid ");

Assert. istrue (INT) cmd. Parameters [0]. parametervalue = 1 );



Public void inline_ascollection ()


Productcollectionproducts =

Newinlinequery ()

. Executeascollection <productcollection> (

@ "Selectproductid from products

Whereproductid = @ productid ", 1 );




5. return values of common methods

Execute (),Returns the number of affected records.

// Executescalar (), ReturnsObject,(System. DecimalType value)

Executesingle <T> (), ReturnTType object. For example, you can use this method to obtain object objects that meet the requirements.

TdicitemItem =NewSelect(). From (Tdicitem. Schema). Where (Tdicitem.Columns. Dicitemid). isrelative to (2)

. And (Tdicitem.Columns. Dictypeid). ispolicto (1030). executesingle <Tdicitem> ();


Executedataset (),Returns a record set.Dataset

Executetypedlist <t> ();ReturnList <t>,Object List, such

List <Product> Products = newSelect(). From <Product> ()

. Where (Product. Productidcolumn). isdue to (4)

. Paged (1, 30)

. Executetypedlist <Product> ();

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