Subtitle Workshop usage tutorial

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Subtitle Workshop usage tutorial

Subtitles are inseparable from the use of DVDRip. However, not all subtitles can be used,
Sometimes you need to adjust or modify subtitles. When you need to listen to the translation, you need to find a convenient subtitle editing tool.
I finally found it, that is, Subtitle Workshop.

1. Software Overview
Subtitle Workshop (SW) is by urusoft ( Lang = 1) a subtitle software launched by the company,
The latest version is 2.51 (until 2005.06.17). It has powerful functions,
Integrates Subtitle production, modification and adjustment, merge/split, format conversion, content check, and other functions,
Almost all common subtitle formats are supported (it seems that vobsub format is not supported. Convert sub to SRT format first). Custom subtitle formats are supported and the interface is friendly.
As mentioned in its English User Manual: Have a try, and you'll forget the rest!

Download: Lang = 1 & id = Sw

Installation: similar to installation of other software, no registration required

SW is installed in English by default, but it provides a variety of language packs,
Can be adjusted to the Chinese interface: Settings> language> Chinese Simplified

The left panel is described as follows:
A. You can set whether to display Subtitles by time or by frame rate (FPS.
B. Are there any garbled characters in the subtitle display area? You can change ANSI to gb2312 in the character encoding set to display Chinese characters.
C. The left panel can be displayed or hidden by pressing F4.

2. Subtitle Creation

Subtitle files are in a variety of formats, but their composition is inseparable from each other:
Timeline and Subtitle content. The timeline consists of the start time and end time.
Creating new subtitle files is the result of continuously inserting subtitles.

Insert Subtitle:
"Edit> insert subtitle". The shortcut key is insert.
This command inserts a new subtitle after the selected subtitle,
By default, the subtitle start time is a subtle addition to the end time of the previous subtitle,
The time span is 1 second, And the subtitle content is empty.
If you want to insert a new subtitle before the current subtitle, for example, before the first subtitle,
Shift + INS

Delete Subtitle:
Edit and remove subtitles. The shortcut key is Del.
This command will pop out the dialog box asking if you want to delete it.
If no dialog box is displayed, choose Settings> Basic settings, and select Delete subtitle to be confirmed ".

Time fine-tuning
Sometimes the default time for inserting new Subtitles may be different from what we want. You need to fine-tune the subtitles.
A. You can directly enter the start time and end time or span of the subtitle in the "time control" (you need to press enter to change it to take effect)
B. You can flip the button on the right of the input box (the up and down arrows on the keyboard are also supported)
C. Alt + C set the subtitle start time to the current time of the video, and ALT + V set the subtitle end time to the current time of the video.
D. Another method for inserting Subtitles: Alt + z sets the current time of the video as the subtitle start time,
Alt + x sets the current time of the video to the subtitle end time,
Unlike the above cpoint, this method can insert new Subtitles at the same time.

Subtitle content Input
The subtitle content entered in the subtitle content editing area can be immediately displayed in the subtitle display area and movie preview area.

Timeline creation is really a laborious task. In order to accurately display a subtitle, You need to proofread it repeatedly.
I would like to express my deep respect to our subtitle group members who have selflessly contributed to our work.

3. Subtitle Adjustment
A. Adjust the start and end ends:
Preview the movie until the first subtitle is displayed. press Alt + F;
Preview the movie until the last subtitle is displayed. press Alt + L;
Then press Ctrl + B to automatically adjust the subtitles in the middle.
B. Overall forward of all selected subtitles
Select a subtitle and press Alt + m to translate the selected subtitle to the current time of the video.
C. Synchronization with adjusted subtitles
For example, if you have adjusted Chinese subtitles and then adjusted English subtitles, you can use this method: Open English subtitles, press Ctrl + Shift + B

4. Subtitle merging/segmentation
Segmentation: "tool> subtitle segmentation" (CTRL + T)
You can divide the video by line number, time, frame, and video duration. You can select "re-calculate the time" for unexpected gains.

Merge: "Tools> merge Subtitles" (CTRL + J)
Subtitles in different formats and frame rates can be combined. If the sequence of adding a subtitle is incorrect, you can drag it up or down to its proper position.

5. Subtitle check

(1) format check
SW provides a powerful format check dialog box to set the timeline format, timeline span, content length, and so on.

(2) Content Check
It is inevitable that subtitles are entered manually, especially in English. What should we do? SW spelling check can help.
"Tool> spelling check" (or press F7 directly), SW will automatically call the spelling check of MS Word.
Therefore, you must have at least word97 installed to use this function.
However, the speed on my computer is very slow, but you can try it.

6. FAQ

A. Can I directly transfer the subtitle content to the next sentence (or the previous sentence) without changing the input focus?
Yes. You can press SHIFT + enter to directly convert to the next sentence (CTRL + enter to the previous sentence), but the input focus remains unchanged.
This is also the case when the time is modified in the time control.

B. How can I select multiple subtitles? Especially non-connected subtitles?
The method for selecting multiple subtitles is no different from the operation in Windows. You can press shift to select multiple Subtitles connected to each other, and press Ctrl to select a single subtitle.

C. I'm not happy with some shortcut keys. Can I change them?
Yes. There is a file shortcuts. Key in the SW installation directory. Open it with any word processing software and modify it. Note the description at the beginning of the file.

D. Why can't files with no subtitles in the timeline be saved?
This is the case in SW. This line can be saved only after a subtitle is entered. Rows without content are ignored.

E. When I play a. mpg (or. MPEG) file, the program does not respond. Why can't I play it?
First, confirm that all required plug-ins are installed.
Change the extension. mpg (or. MPEG) to. Avi.

Tip: it is valid for those who only need to make a timeline while listening to the translation without entering the content.
After the timeline is completed,
(1) Select "edit"> "Translation"> "translation mode". In the "Subtitle display area", a "Translation" column is displayed. All rows contain "untranslated Subtitles ".
(2) Select "edit"> "Translation"> "Exchange". The subtitles in the translation column are displayed in the front column.
(3) deselect "edit"> "Translation"> "translation mode". In this way, all rows are entered, and no line is left blank during saving.

7. Others

In fact, SW features are too powerful. These introductions are only a small part. He has detailed instructions, but it is a pity that
If you have any experiences or problems, please submit them together and raise them together.

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