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For those of you who are experimenting with large numbers of businesses, the key to failure is to build a great team, but don't expect a "chief digital officer" or a science scientist to do all the work, and a successful big team needs a three-way car: A business analyst, a A machine-learning expert and a digital engineering teacher.
Along with list software Enterprise-applied Fire-heat exhibition, the scientists are stop! Talent shortage, but it is difficult to find, but lithium company's chief scientist Michael In an interview with IW, Dr Wu said: "The shortage of scientists is because people have high expectations for the scientists, and I hope that he understands the business and knows the first big technology, and that talent is naturally a fantastic place to be, and not to be recruited by every company with money."
"The top of the three Ge Liang", for most businesses, it is better to focus on how to build a successful large team than to expect a big "savior".
Wu thinks that as the scientists have been hyped up, the number of students in their mouths has been a lot of jobs: "When people are yelling about the scarcity of the scientists ' talent, they are actually referring to the lack of people with a lot of job skills at the same time." And the enterprise is fully able to work with analysts, machine scientists, and digital engineers to form a team to replace the scientists in the group. "The role of the
Business analyst is as long ago as it was before the scientists, and the analyst uses the front-end tools to analyze the corporate core and give the analysis results that can support the decision, including Excel, Tableau's digital visualization tools, or Qlikview's commercial intelligence. financial report Business analysts often have enough programmed skills to develop the meter and are not unfamiliar with SQL and NoSQL.
with large numbers of hot flashes coming, many business analysts start with self-labeling as a scientist, "but in fact they are not Dr.",wu. But, according to Alteryx's forecasts, the analyst of the business department with large numbers of analytical techniques will be more important to the business than large numbers of scientists. This means that 2014 of the scientists ' senior engineers continued to be difficult. The second important role of the
large number of teams is the robot scientist, who develops algorithms and digital models to deal with the figures, and even provides prediction analysis, such as analyzing the intent of consumption. Some machine learning algorithms can even auto-label images and videos, or provide consumers with the right recommended services (such as Netflix). The third important role of the
big numbers is that the engineers, who are the cornerstone of the big numbers, are directly facing the large numbers of technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase, and Cassandra. Large numbers of engineers are interested in collecting, storing, and dealing with the numbers so that the algorithm team can model them.

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Successful Big three-horse car

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