Successful use of your own server +ADSL dynamic IP bound domain name

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system: Win7+ubuntu 14.04
Network settings: Gigabit NIC
External network: 100M household optical fiber without fixed IP
Routing: MikrotikROS rb951ui-2hnd

Internal network by:

Intranet Linux System IP: installed Lnmpa, virtual host not yet established

Originally with peanut shell, but set too troublesome so give up, found NAT123, although is free grade, but the operation is relatively easy

The Linux system originally used CentOS, but how can not be installed on mono, do not know what to do, so turn to Ubuntu

NAT123 support a lot of features, there are remote boot domain name Mapping, support system comparison, tutorials are more comprehensive and easy to understand, I temporarily only use the port mapping, we have time to try to see the next

Method I will not copy paste, see address:

The Simple step is: Check the system version-by version how many see the corresponding tutorial-update system-install mono--install screen--download Unzip nat123 client--use screen-s/nat123 client Location New window--use command #mono run the client to enter their own account and password--to the Web login settings port mapping--to the Domain name Management address Add nat123 DNS, complete!

Successful use of your own server +ADSL dynamic IP bound domain name

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