Suddenly, this is the case.

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When I was 20 years old, I earned 20 million yuan. At that time, I was a sophomore.

I made a website with my classmates, which features similar to the 58-city feature of the simple version, and then integrated the store, hotel, restaurant, and other resources in the district where our school is located, A function similar to the current group buying function is provided.

In the first year, I made a profit of about RMB. At that time, I didn't want to make a long-term investment, so I didn't continue to invest the money. We just split the money into around yuan each. Later, I was a junior and senior student business. I had another school forum, which made all kinds of information more smooth. Even some sellers took money to advertise. At that time, I went to KTV, therefore, we have made a lot of cooperation with the surrounding KTVs. Basically, it is more than 0.2 million every year, less than 0.3 million.

When I graduated from college, I bought a house around Beijing with an average price of 4 K.

At that time, I was so angry that I felt very cool. My classmates were still looking for 1000 yuan of internships. When I got 3000 yuan of work, I had already made money to buy a house.

Naturally, I feel that I am not the same person as them, so I am not looking for a job. By chance, I got into touch with the Dota game and found a group of like-minded friends who started playing the game.

I can play for more than 16 hours a day. I learned something very quickly. After playing for a year, I already had a name. At that time, there were no 11 platforms, and haofang had fallen. It was just the time when the vs platform went viral. On the vs platform, there are only two black rooms, that is, a team of five people who know each other or are playing opposite to each other in speech. We basically had no opponent in the black room 1. Many later professional players, such as the piano player 430, won a maximum of three matches if their team played 10 games with us. At that time, I enjoyed the feeling that others were calling me a great god. There was an illusion that I was the master ......

Some of my friends asked me to take a career, but you know from China's e-sports that the seemingly awesome world champions, except for the super stars like sky, are so cool, when I went out to play a game, I had to squeeze several people into a standard room. In addition, I didn't like being managed, so I gave up. Of course, in the past few years, e-sports have also begun to make money, and there have been millions of people like 09 and Haitao, but they all explained that this is a magical business model that cannot be copied, I will not go into detail.

At that time, I told my family that I was working with my friends to start a business. When I went to college, I did make some money. The conditions at home were also good, and my family seldom asked me what I was doing. I have been playing this game for about four years.

26 years old, it's a turning point. It's no longer a pleasure to play games. I plan to go out for a walk. At that time, the average price of the house I bought had increased a lot, so I sold the house. This step was taken to Tibet.

It is absolutely nonsense to say that Tibet is the place where the mind is washed, but I met the girl who washed my mind on the road.

I can't forget her glance at me. The eyes are pure, just like the noisy corner of the lake. The clear water under the ANN and the bridge directly plunged into my heart.

The girl is Miss Dong of the reality edition.

There are stories, attitudes, tattoos, appearances, no emotions, no feelings, just fall in love, no boyfriends

Her bright eyes can clearly see the pure heart

A smile can dry the entire heart and shine brightly when you smile.

Gently rubbing your finger on your coffee cup, and you may want to kiss her.

Girl, working in Beijing, famous State-owned Enterprise

Later I thought about how her smile changed my life.

Go back to Beijing, start a business with the money left to sell the house, and have frequent contact with her to deepen understanding of the crazy pursuit at the same time.

Falling in love with her and putting me on the right track

Over the years, I have worked in many industries, culture, media, books, clothing, auto repairs, etc. Later I became a cosmetics e-commerce company.

The most memorable thing is that a website (devstore) is a reviewer who calls the API and writes the evaluation experience to earn about 500 yuan, few people are willing to make money for service.

It is 30 years old and has an annual salary of 0.2 million.

  • Do you want to ask if I fail?
  • In my opinion, do not fail.
  • No one else has a life like me

I never envy others for an annual salary of one million. Each current user is created by the former user. If you feel that you have failed, you have to accept yourself,

Different values mean different failures.

I have forgotten my college skills. If you do not want to establish a foothold in society, what skills are needed. My skills are always optimistic. House, car, north drifting, living in Tongzhou or Chang 'an street, with an annual salary of 100 million or 20 W. Not the most important thing for me!

What is most important to me now is my beautiful girl and the fat boy she just gave birth to me.

When he grows up, I must tell him seriously that it doesn't matter how much money you earn if a person fails or fails. Vanity is the most fucking waste of life and happiness. If you spend the whole day unhappy with money and compare it with others, it is a complete failure.

Life is too short to make yourself and those you love happy, even if it is successful.

Suddenly, this is the case.

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