Suggestions for graduated programmers

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I personally think it is important:

1. Learn to do things well.

The leader handed you a task. After you finish the task, you must check whether you did it yourself.

After checking, let's talk about how to do it,There is a lot of difference between doing well and doing well..Just graduatedProgramClerk, finish 10 things,

If you do not check it carefully, there will be eight errors..

Doing well is the key to gaining the leader's trust.. If your leader lacks trust in you, then your future

Will be greatly affected.

2.About self-learning

After the shift, read more technical books to improve the depth and breadth of your knowledge. Frozen for three feet, not a day cold. This need

Persistence.A solid technical experience makes sense.

3.About career

Be sure to select a bigger company. If you can't, you should be a little bit small, but a little famous. Do not go to small workshops or the like,

Or a company whose main business is not software. It is best to seek a new job after three years. The number of job changes in the first five years cannot exceed 2.

The author is basically a loser.

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