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If you want to become a good test project manager, you can reflect on whether to do the following:

1) discuss and understand changes with developers and product owners in one project, because our specifications cannot guarantee that the input for testing is not omitted;

2) participate in the review and discussion of the test plan, test cases, test methods, test tools, test processes, and test results in a single project to make up for the problems not fully considered by subordinates or yourself; it is best to invite the development director;

3) consider the test efficiency and test effect in a project, so that new test methods and procedures can be continuously enabled to improve the efficiency and ensure the test effect;

4) make a summary of the phases in a project, which can make up for some test deficiencies and plan the plans for the next phase well. The test plans are not static and must be adjusted regularly;

5) when changes are involved in a project, review the test plan, test cases, test methods, and test tools again. If changes occur frequently, you must keep a good grasp of the pace;

6) in a project, you must attach great importance to the interface testing and integration testing of components/modules, not only in the solution and use cases, at the same time, it is also manifested in the arrangement of test time and personnel coordination management;

7) in a project, we should pay great attention to the importance of direct participation of subordinates in technical discussion meetings. This not only builds confidence in communication with developers, but also deepens their understanding of the project, it is very beneficial for future work;

8) If you have not mastered the communication skills or have no confidence in yourself in a project, please bring him to the development or product together, or encourage him to communicate, measure the test taker's understanding about the effect of the communication and points out the precautions for the next communication;

9) in a project, you need to know whether your knowledge matches the project. If not, make preparations in advance;

10) in a project, you also need to know whether your subordinate abilities match the requirements of the project. If they do not match, do not change people, or develop training programs;

11) in a project, do not compete with your subordinates. The superior's inspection of you will always be a team or project. It is always your responsibility to help your subordinates grow and ensure the quality of the project;

12) in a project, your laziness will have a very bad impact on subordinates and projects, because you are the core.

If you want to continue to develop, you will constantly train yourself in the project, and let yourself focus more on technology, management, and industry.

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