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The technical survival methods of small and medium software enterprises can be divided into two types: application service and technology research. Currently, most small and medium software enterprises are application service, the technology survival method of my company also belongs to the first type, that is, the application service type. Below, I will only give some suggestions on the technical management of technology service-oriented software enterprises for their reference:

I. Development and Management job separation

The management of the technical department cannot combine development and management at the beginning, and the results will inevitably be unsatisfactory. At present, most small and medium software enterprises, given the cost or lack of awareness of this problem, the technical department manager and the technical director often serve as one person, the Technical Director is an excellent developer, but not a qualified management talent. The team combat capability of the technical department cannot be achieved by personal heroism, if an enterprise is in such a situation, the mobility of its Technical Department staff, the internal training of Technical Department staff, and the management of the work of the technical department will inevitably have many shortcomings. The reason is very simple, people do not have the ability to do everything, do a good job of technology, do a good job of customized management, do a good job of management, do a good job of customized technology.

2. Have a certain general Accumulation

The ultimate goal of the management of technical departments is to have an efficient input-output ratio. By using the reuse idea of software engineering, managers of technical departments must have a long-term general accumulation plan, by converting complex work into a series of reusable processes to improve overall technical productivity, many software companies are currently doing this, but it is still unclear, this work is mainly reflected in the well-designed product architecture, the design and construction of basic class libraries, and the rapid development tools suchCodeSome development of generators, design of general interface templates, General encapsulation of business components, data structure specifications, software development specifications, etc. The level of Technical Productivity depends on the input-output ratio, however, the high input-output ratio depends on the general accumulation reserve with a higher ratio.

3. Good internal division of labor system

The management of technical departments is built on a good internal division of labor system, and whether the internal division of labor system is a good standard is not enough, each company's responsibilities are measured according to the standards, because for an application service-oriented software enterprise, the technical department's work schedule cannot be stable, and enterprises must survive, the customer must be able to deliver projects quickly, efficiently, and with high quality. the technical department is usually the most stressful and On-Demand department. Therefore, in addition to the traditional "One Person, One job, based on the responsibilities of various companies, the "backup" mechanism must be referenced to prevent the normal operation of an individual from being absent, from demand research, software design, software coding, software testing, release and update, configuration management to technical management, every position must have an early warning measure to ensure that work is independent of a person, this ensures a good division of labor system, without exhausting or relying on someone.

Iv. Long-term technical planning

The ancients cloud: "Everything goes wrong, nothing goes wrong", the survival of small and medium enterprises is the first essentials, but from the perspective of team training, only a continuously attractive team is the most stable team, the true motive force for gathering technical talents is more attractive when they surpass the income level, this requires the managers of the technical department to have a long-term technical plan. On the one hand, the company can remain undefeated in technical means, on the other hand, it can make every member of the team feel attractive and progressive. In this way, both the technical structure and the personnel structure can be stabilized.

All in all, the survival pressure of small and medium-sized software enterprises comes from the competition in the market, and also from the management of enterprises. The latter is often ignored by most enterprise decision makers, no enterprise decision maker does not want to make his company bigger or stronger. However, not every enterprise decision maker can put it into action. I think, this is one of the fundamental reasons why the technical department can retain first-class technical talents and whether software companies can continue to grow and grow.


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