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Today next to you on the Excel SUMIF function usage of the operation skills, then someone asked, learned Excel SUMIF function usage What role it, do not hurry, please listen to the following small series to give you a detailed explanation:

Introduction of SUMIF function

The SUMIF function sums several cells based on a specified condition, which can be numeric, literal, or an expression that can be applied to personnel, wages, and score statistics.

Second, SUMIF function usage

SUMIF function syntax is: SUMIF (range,criteria,sum_range)

The first parameter: range is the condition range, the range of cells used for the conditional judgment.

The second parameter: criteria is the summation condition, by the numeral, the logical expression and so on constituent's judgment condition.

Third parameter: Sum_range is the actual sum region, the cell, range, or reference that needs to be summed.

A condition can also use wildcards: A question mark (?) and an asterisk (*), such as "? 2*," To simplify the formula setting, if the condition to be summed is a second number of 2. The question mark matches any single character, and the asterisk matches any string of characters. If you want to find the actual question mark or asterisk, type the tilde (~) before the character.

Let's take a look at the following example, as shown in the figure:

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