[Summ] mptcp-based wireless communication energy saving solution/mptcp-based energy saving techs in Wireless Networks

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1.Saving mobile device energy with multipath TCP[Http://eggert.org/papers/2011-mobiarch-mptcp-saving-energy.htm]

Contribution: proposesScheduler
To switch between 3G and Wi-Fi, in order to save the energy on mobile devices

Principle: The schedprocess is derived by solving a Markov demo-process (MDP) offline. the MDP-based scheduler takes two inputs:

1) Energy models for 3G and Wi-Fi, which are described as finite state machines (FSM) and related with throughput.

2) Applications models, which are parameterised by monitoring user's communication session.

2. c. Diop, G. dugue, C. chassot, and E. exposito, "QoS-oriented mptcp extensions for multimedia multi-homed systems," in 2012 26th International Conference
On advanced information networking and applications workshops (waina), 2012, pp. 1119-1124.

Motivation: original mptcp provides a fully reliable service, which might not necessary for multimedia applications.

Contribution: Extend mptcp in order to provide
Partial Reliability
For interactive video applications.

Note: "partial reliability" is an important concept of IP multimedia communication. Core Idea: there is a possibility neededNot recover lossIn order to sure QoS parameters, e.g. Delay, throughput. Many protocols are based on this concept, such as selective discarding, adaptive retransmission,
Etc. The most famous PR application for sctp should belong to the PR-SCTP, which gives a possibility for the sender to have y the capacity er that certain packets shoshould be re-transmitted.

3. K. K. Lam, J. M. Chapin, and V. W. S. Chan, "Performance Analysis and Optimization of multipath TCP," in 2011 IEEE wireless communications and networking
Conference (wcnc), 2011, pp. 695-700.

Contribution: estimateOptimal Number of PathS that maximizes efficiency.

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