Summarize the common Linux commands used in the work _ Classic

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    • Common decompression Commands

tar.bz2 command: TAR-JXVF *.tar.bz2

Tar.z command: TAR-ZXVF *.tar.z

tar.gz command: TAR-ZXVF *.tar.gz

PS: For these parameters you can use man to help, note the case-sensitive.

Most are packaged with tar.gz and tar.bz2 software, mostly through./configure, make and make install, and some software is directly make;make installed

    • Common compression commands

Compression: tar-j c v-f filename.tar.bz2 file or directory name to be compressed
Query: tar-j t v-f filename.tar.bz2
Decompression: tar-j x v-f filename.tar.bz2-c directory to extract

    • Common Switch Machine commands

Shutdown command:
Shutdown can only be used for root privileges.
Init 0

Restart command:
Init 1

    • Directory commands

Switch directories: The directory The CD wants to switch to
Always look at the current directory: PWD
View files in this directory: LS
[[email protected] bin]# ls--color display archive data in color
[[email protected] bin]# ls-l detailed file system structure
[[email protected] bin]# ls-a Show hidden Files (".") The opening file)
[[email protected] bin]# Ls-al also show hidden files and details
[[email protected] bin]# Ls-al|more to display the contents of the file in one page

Create new directory: mkdir new directory Name
Delete directory: RmDir directory name
If the directory has something, use the Rm-rf file directory

    • File command:

Overwrite the original file copy: Cp-rf source file Destination file
Overwrite the original file movement: Mv-i source File Destination file
View file contents: Cat
Compare two files different: diff

    • Find File command:

Find ls command directory: Whereis ls
Find a file with test: Find | grep ' Test '

    • Network command:

View 80 Port usage: NETSTAT-ANP | grep 80

Download command: wget
Case of bulk Download: Wget-i filename.txt
Put the link address inside filename.txt

View IP information: ifconfig

    • the use of software in RMP class ;

Installation: Rpm-i your-package.rpm

Query for installed PCRE packages: Rpm-qa | grep pcre

Remove Pcre Package: rpm-e--nodeps pcre-6.6-2.el5_1.7

Upgrade: RPM-UVH xxxxx.rpm <== will xxxxx.rpm upgrade

    • Shutdown and start of Linux firewall

1) effective after reboot
Open: Chkconfig iptables on
OFF: Chkconfig iptables off
2) immediate effect, failure after reboot
Open: Service iptables start
Close: Service iptables stop

    • Avira command
Avira command: Find related processes: PS aux | grep program_filter_word avira Command: killall-9 nginx//Kill Nginx process to view the website's server situation: Curl--head

    • Other commands:

Yum installation software: Yum install autoconf

Add Apache Boot:

echo "/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start" >>/etc/rc.local

Summarize the common Linux commands used in the work _ Classic

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