Summarizing some general rules of web design making

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  General rules

1, encourage readers to fill in the form or email feedback. But be prepared to deal with the ensuing transaction--to return to the e-mail as quickly as possible, add connections, modify input errors, and so on. Send a thank-you note to someone who makes comments via E-mail.

2. Tell the reader in the page that you will not mind if they set up a link to you on their homepage, and that you will also set a link to his homepage. Everyone wants someone to visit their web pages, and this mutual support encourages access to similar points of view.

3. Try to tell the reader the time to use--tell them the size of the image to be seen or how long it takes to send a text file or binary file.

4, the web of good writing is very prominent.

5. Add a descriptive title to your homepage.

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