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Learn the algorithm also has half a year, is also the end of the semester, it is indeed the summary. Half a year to not much effort, after all, not as high school at that time 5 o'clock in the morning night 12 o'clock sleep, but also did learn a lot of things (although at present it is not used and I am not sure that will not be used, after all, the professional put the bloody fact), then why should learn it, well, we will understand for a moment it is a hobby , playing basketball so much, do you want to play basketball for a living?

Well, since you have to learn, the plan is really necessary, simply write what I personally think is suitable for their own learning route it.

1. Dynamic planning: Not much to say, the main problem volume.

2 Mathematics:

--Number theory: in the brush problem

--game: In the brush problem

--Probability & expectation: In the brush question

--Permutation & group theory: Pending Contact

--Gaussian elimination: Pending contact

--Combinatorial mathematics: in Reading

3 Data structure:

--AC Machine: Pending Contact

--suffix array: Look at the paper

--Line Tree & tree-like array: In the brush question

--RMQ&LCA: Pending Contact

--treap&splay: Look at the paper

4 Computational Geometry: Pending Contact

5 Graph theory:

--Two points matching: pending contact

--Network flow: with contact

6 Other:

。。 I'll talk later.

Summary and Outlook

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