Summary of advantages of UNIX operating systems

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1 , UNIX It is one of the first operating systems to become mature; C Language UNIX The system appears, UNIX The system is highly portable and suitable for multiple hardware platforms. You can even UNIX Operating System Source code Write it on paper and design your own hardware to compile and run it.
2 , UNIX Good user interface; Program The interface provides C Language and related library functions and system calls. The command interface is Shell , UNIX Yes3 Mainstream Shell , That is Sh, CSH And Ksh, At the same time, it provides users with thousands of system commands, which are helpful for system operation and system management. The pipeline mechanism is also unique. The system is highly operable and you can even use no display, it is a very simple output device, such as a simple LCD screen similar to a calculator, or even a printer, to fully operate the computer and complete Complex System Development and Management!
3 In UNIX Provides a perfect and powerful text processing tool, which is especially suitable for processing the volume stream. Windows Unmatched, such Grep, awk, sed, The application of regular expressions, etc. The text editor uses VI Most common, others Pico, Nano, emacs, ee And so on.
4 Provides a good development environment for users.UNIX The default installation C Language compiler CC, New Version UNIX Also include Gcc , Programmers can use them to develop C And C ++ Application, and provides Make, SCCs, and RCS And other version control programs to facilitate the development of large-scale projects. UNIX It also supports dozens of popular programming languages
5 And a good file system. UNIX There are many types of file systems, such as S5, UFS, AFS, eafs, htfs, dtfs Log-type JFS, XFS, and vxfs And so on. Its cross-platform File System Ufs, JFS , Network File System NFS Greatly facilitates users. UNIX No file type. Supports hard connection and symbolic connection. File and path name specifications! (Unlike Windows Follow the earlier 3.8 File naming Rules)
6 , Powerful network functions, clusters and distributed computing, suitable for today's Internet ! Its Telnet The design concept is suitable for remote management.
7 And complete system audits. Besides Syslog System Review, also provides Sulog, lastlog, wtmplog You can also customize records. Log, Because UNIX Very good at text processing, users can easilyLog View, classify, and reprocess data.
8 And enhanced system security. Most systems meet C2 Level System security specifications, some dedicated systems have reached B1 Level; classic and perfect by owner and group 3 The permission management mechanism is still the most perfect user permission solution today.
9 Complete system backup functions. The system provides DD, tar, cpio, dump And other traditional archive backup programs. 3 Backup Tool.
10 The system structure is clear, which is conducive to operating system teaching and practice. UNIX The operating system is the best teaching material for students to learn the operating system. UNIX Practice and find the answer on the system. For example, for process management and scheduling, students can directlyPS, nice And other command operations to understand and understand the concept. At the same time, students can read their core sources Code And write programs to enhance your understanding of the operating system.
11 Strong system professionalism and customization
Each type UNIX The system has their installer, and Windows They are much more professional and complex, and many systems support network installation. For the same operating system, users can customize different types, such as character terminals, graphics workstations, servers, and so on (unlike Windows For different users to release different versions, the system has poor customization ).
12 , UNIX The system has a strong stability and robust system core.
Its latest core is System V Release 5 (svr5) Supports many new technologies, such
Ddi8 Device Driver, 64 Bit Technology, multiple channels I/O Improves system reliability and performance, supports hot swapping of controllers, hard disk intercommunication, and mirroring, Crash And Dump Capabilities, multi-console support, and dynamic core adjustment to meet complex application requirements
13 , System Standardization
Although UNIX There are many variants, but in UNIX Many system specifications can be found in the system, such Systemv, POSIX, GNU, unix95, CDE And so on. UNIX .
14 Powerful Help System
UNIX Of Manpage And online documents are a comprehensive manual for users and a good helper to overcome users' troubles caused by forgetting a command or parameter; Manpage It can be divided into multiple chapters, with detailed explanations from commands to system calls.

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