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I. Task changes

1. unclear issues

Q: I don't know what the things I want to do. I am gradually familiar with the requirements during the process.

A: At the kick-off meeting, the product manager briefly describes the requirements and describes the tasks in this iteration.

2. Exploratory tasks

Q: The demand is not clear. The product manager only knows the general direction and is not sure what the final product looks like.

A: communicate with the requirement personnel at any time, produce products at any time, and present the products to the requirement personnel at any time. This is A small iteration In the iteration. The solution to conflicts with large iterations is to directly double the estimated time at the beginning, but the small task is estimated based on the initial time, and the extra time is used as a buffer.


Ii. Inaccurate burn-out diagram

1. Many new addition tasks

Q: splitting the original tasks, temporary tasks, project support, and other tasks keeps increasing. As a result, the curve baseline of the original burned-out chart is deviated.

A: a) if there are not many new tasks, ignore the new tasks during computation. In this way, only the burnout of the original tasks is calculated.

B) if there are many tasks, print a burned-out chart to a certain extent and recalculate the benchmark.


3. Intra-group collaboration

Q: As the task involves group cooperation, other groups have changed, which leads to a problem in the progress.

A: To strengthen information communication, any code review and design review in the collaboration group should be notified to the personnel in the group.


Iv. quality cannot be guaranteed

Q: During the iteration process, I only pay attention to progress changes, but do not pay attention to quality.

A: a) Check the code at the end of every week.

B) on Wednesday of the double week, the code of critical nodes will be reviewed by all employees.

C) design and review of important nodes at any time. Participants should be evaluated.

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