Summary of award-winning impressions and Java Phase learning

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I. Award-winning Impressions

In fact, I was surprised to get a little yellow shirt this time. After all, there are many people in the class who are better than me, but I will not belittle myself. I know that this little yellow shirt is not only the teacher's reward for me, but also a spur to me, a kind of encouragement. It requires me to learn in the future with a higher standard requirements of their own, continue to learn the peak of the climb. At the same time, I also know that this is just a beginning, a continuing effort to learn the beginning of a continuous improvement of the beginning, one for the future of the beginning. Therefore, I will use my efforts to the teachers and students to prove that I am in progress, is trying to climb the peak.
At the same time I also want to thank Lou teachers who have provided me with guidance and help my classmates and my partner Ningyin. It is in your selfless help that I can get this reward, thank you for your help.

Two. Summary of learning Methods

In this semester's Java course study, Lou Teacher's teaching method lets me be refreshing, they let me realize the different study method the charm and the effect. And in this one, there are a few ways I feel the impact on me and help very much.

1. Self-study and testing

At first, I am not very accustomed to this learning style, after all, since childhood learning now, we have been accustomed to spoon-feeding education, so just start self-study, I often feel the mind. But later, Lou teacher joined the class test session, this I have a certain direction, and then with the more peace of mind, learning direction is clearer, learning enthusiasm is higher. At the same time, self-study not only refers to self-learning, but refers to self-centered learning. So learning to find problems and solve problems is also a part of self-study, which also shows us the direction to discuss learning problems, can save a lot of time. On the other hand. The test not only shows me a part of the direction of study, but also reminds me of where I am weak, need to strengthen learning, to fill the gap. Of course, the test is not only from the self-study under the class, also has the examination class to learn and the class under the combination part. And this kind of test not only has the merit of the class test, it can open up our thinking, better use the knowledge that we learn.

2. Pair Learning

Pairs of learning, as the name implies that two or more people form a group to study together. This seems to be overqualified, in fact this is a rare good way for us now. "One person counts short, two people count the length", through several cooperation tasks, I deeply feel the knot pair to study the charm and the function. After all, a person's ability is always limited, and often make some of their own mistakes, and the pair of learning is different, there is another person in the next, you make a mistake when he will point out in time, and jointly discuss the solution, "lookers, onlooker sees most" is a good note. At the same time, two people in the study together, for the same or different knowledge, the problem always has different views, and this is a collision of ideas to provide the conditions, saying goes "The more the argument is more clear", different ideas, different perspectives of the problem, mutual discussion, differences, so as to learn better. So it is necessary to learn that knot is good for learning.

3. Write a blog

It's more about writing a study summary than blogging. Some students think the matter is time consuming and useless. And that's not how I see it. In my opinion, it is necessary to keep track of your study totals in a timely manner. "Good memory is better than bad writing" is a well-known thing, and the timely recording of their own learning, it is necessary. Writing a blog is one of the aspects, a weekly study summary, not only to help us comb the knowledge of the week, but also for us to continue to further study lay the foundation. Because this is not only the summary of knowledge, but also the summary of experience, so, from time to time to review their own blog, not only to achieve the "warm and know new" effect, but also help us to avoid re-make mistakes. Therefore, it is necessary to write a blog.

Three. Learning experience1. Not afraid of making mistakes

Learning is never a smooth thing, so there will always be mistakes, and some of us because of fear of making mistakes, and not to do things, I think is not to be achieved. Only by trying constantly, from mistakes and setbacks to sum up experience and lessons, we can continue to move forward towards a higher peak. And in my opinion, this is one of the important reasons why I can get a little yellow shirt. My pre-study status can be counted on is miserable, various situations frequently, will occasionally error. But as learning progresses and lessons are learned, my learning situation has changed radically. The reason, I think it is just, the early accumulation of enough error experience, the latter is easy to avoid, at the same time the early error frequency also cultivated my patience and unflappable mentality. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, fear is to make mistakes do not change. At the same time, it is important to find out how to make mistakes after mistakes, which requires us to have an independent consciousness. Find errors, first try to solve their own, and then to ask students and teachers, so that not only harvest experience, but also cultivate our initiative.

2. Imitation

Learning this thing has never been a process from scratch, and so is Java learning. So how do you imitate it? Lou teacher will give us a good direction, enter the code on the book. It seems to be a dull thing, but in fact it gives us a lot of things. If we're going to build a building, we all know how to keep the building secure: Lay the foundation down. And learning Java is the same, want to learn the course, the foundation is not less, and to enter the correct code as the beginning is the compaction of the foundation. As a textbook, the code presented to everyone must be representative and can help us understand the knowledge point better. At the same time, typing in the right code allows us to avoid some bad habits from the start.

3. Innovation

If imitation is the primary stage, innovation is the high-level goal. So when we are out of the basic stage, innovation becomes an integral part of it. Of course, innovation is not an overnight thing, or we need to persevere, continuous efforts. It has always been a constant truth. How to innovate? I think the first step is to start by referencing and modifying your own code. It is a good idea to refer to others when we meet some of our own tasks that we cannot solve. Refer to others, do not mean copy copy, but on the basis of understanding, modify and add their own things, so that we can grow, to keep up with independent innovation, and in this way, do not be afraid of long time, do not fear more difficult, because only in this way, we can continue to progress.

5. Correct learning attitude

Learning attitude has always been to support our continuous progress of an important part, so in Java learning we have to correct learning attitude, can not hold the idea of muddle through, and to the higher standards of the requirements of their own, so that we can progress.

These are just my personal feelings, if there are shortcomings, please forgive me.

Summary of award-winning impressions and Java Phase learning

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