Summary of Building Extmail service under CentOS 5.8

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background : The company itself with Extmail Mail server has been a period of time, the domain name for (here is a pseudonym), the company built a new warehouse, ready to the warehouse also build a play, domain name for

Preparatory work:

1, a server has been installed CentOS, I use 5.8 of the 64-bit version, more mainstream bar.

2,emos 1.5 of the CD (or mirror), this search on the Internet, the mail server is all rely on him.

3, official installation documentation, address It is still more detailed, I only carry some of the problems I encountered and considerations.


1, install the operating system according to the official document can, but he does not recommend the root account operation, I still use root, big deal later canceled

The 2,emos CD contains all the packages needed to build a mail server, which is made as a local Yum source according to the official documentation, or as a extmail online yum source, but the online address may change later, I still choose to hang on the CD to make the local Yum source, Since I am installing the ISO image on the virtual machine, if it is a single machine you need to burn the disc into the optical drive or the network mount the ISO image in the file server.

To make a Yum source requires a tool Createrepo, if the operating system CD is not available to download online and then RPM-IVH + Store the way to install the address.

In the same way, if Yum software fails to install, it may be mounted with a problem, re-mount the disc, it is not possible to copy the software to local such as/usr/local/bin folder, and then RPM-IVH installed.

3, installation configuration Postfix, this is the core of the mail server, the normal reference to the official documents can be modified main.conf file when you remember to put it in the domain name of the default domain name change to our own, the next step of the configuration of the same. You can use the SED command.

4, install the configuration courier-authlib, according to official documents can, pay special attention to the last step to give /var/spool/authdaemon/ permissions, do not do the words will not be verified later.

5, installation configuration maildrop, reference documentation

6, install the configuration Apache, the domain name in the configuration file please modify.

7, installation configuration webmail, reference documentation

8, install the configuration Webman management background, refer to the documentation, note if you are using Redhat, please put the/tmp/extman file elsewhere

Other steps such as importing a database, establishing a virtual domain, testing authlib and configuring the graphical log and other reference documents, note the domain name in the configuration parameters, after completing this step can enter the Web foreground and backstage, at this time can establish some user accounts for testing purposes.

9, install the configuration CYRUS-SASL, refer to the document, test SMTP authentication This step note that the mailbox address and password can be used to set up a test mailbox to operate, in order to avoid a sparse error.

When I was doing the test, there was a problem that followed his steps to enter the BASE64 encoding of the mailbox name and password and did not show

235 2.0.0 Authentication Successful

Such a successful word, but shows 535 ... error message. Then I query the log maillog file, prompting for access validation file failed: No related files and directories. Find out the following half-day data:

Official document written to modify the path of the smtp.conf file is this:vi/usr/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf

In fact, because our operating system version is 64-bit, you should modify the following address of the file vi/usr/lib64/sasl2/smtpd.conf

And the wrong thing is to look at this method Maillog re-analysis, said before the 4th does not give/var/spool/authdeamon permissions will also go wrong is here.

10, install the Courier-imap, is actually installs the POP3 function. After the installation test verification is completed, the basic completion is built.

11, the following configuration, such as filtering virus spam and other functions this is not said, there will be a lot of new options to study slowly.

After the above steps are complete, you can basically send and receive mail. At this time to login to the Web interface or IP address, configure the mail client software set up the server address is also IP, at this time need to establish a host in the Enterprise DNS server record in the region to establish a mail host, IP address is this server. At this point the client's server address and Web login can be used this address. The domain name of the Web login page is also changed from IP to domain name by default.

As long as the company can Sisu network, the internal DNS server can normally resolve the external network address, at this time can be sent to the external mailbox test, such as 163,126 mailbox. Of course, to receive the reply, but also to the internal mail server map to the public network, and the company's public domain name registration of the management side (such as Million network company) to add the mailbox of the MX record to be external network mail server resolution. Of course, the premise is to go to the domain name to register to the line.

Because my company registered domain name is beginning of time already said, that this [email protected] mailbox on the inside to email, don't send to the public network, anyway not registered no record also receive reply.

As long as the and these two servers belong to the DNS server to add each other domain name MX records, MX records point to the other side of the mailbox server host domain name address. How to do it Baidu Baidu.

Add a little trick: Cancel Extman Admin page login need to enter the verification code function--vim /var/www/extsuite/extman/webman sys_captcha_on=1 change to 0

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Summary of Building Extmail service under CentOS 5.8

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