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Some skills related to C ++ code generated by transformation from UML to C ++, you can select the information you want as needed, without having to follow a specific order, I hope that you can read the following articles to facilitate your C ++ conversion.

The standard method for establishing a connection between the Unified Modeling Language UML and a specific domain is to use the UML Profile (UML Profile ). The UML profile can define additional semantics and features for existing UML elements, such as classes and operations.

UML profiles are used to create C ++ elements, such as struct, Consortium, and namespace. In Rational Software Architect and Rational Systems Developer, C ++ Transformation profile is used to convert UML to C ++. The application of this profile in the UML model is as follows.

In Project Explorer, select the UML model to be applied to the profile. In Project Explorer, keep the model selected, switch to Properties View, and click the Profiles tab. 1. Click Add Profile. Figure 1. apply UML to the C ++ Transformation Profile

2. Select C ++ Transformation from the drop-down list box of Deployed Profile.

Figure 2. Select C ++ Transformation'

C ++ Conversion Type Library

UML provides a set of predefined types, including Boolean, Integer, String, and UnlimitedNatural. Most programming languages, including C ++, provide more basic types. When creating a model in C ++, you may often need C ++ to convert the predefined original type (for example, assigning a type to an attribute, parameter, or operation return type, ). To import the C ++ model library that is shipped with the C ++ Transform, right-click the UML Model in Project Explorer, and select Import model Library, as shown in 3.

Figure 3. Import a C ++ Library

  1. Introduction to C ++
  2. Summary Notes on learning and exploring C ++ library functions
  3. Basic Conception and method of C ++ Class Library Design
  4. Does C ++ really have market value?
  5. Basic Conception and method of C ++ Class Library Design

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