Summary of casualties in various regions (Real-time update) last updated:, January 1, May 14

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Summary of casualties in various regions (Real-time update) last updated:, January 1, May 14  
Over 12 thousand deaths in the Wenchuan earthquake (updated)
12012 people were killed in Sichuan, 7841 were missing, and 26206 were admitted
Mianyang City The number of deaths reached 7395 (18692 of the deaths in Beichuan County) and were buried. Qingchuan District At least 800 deaths and more than 5000 injuries (updated)
Deyang 2648 deaths and 7695 injuries Chengdu The number of deaths reaches 959
Dujiangyan City The death toll in Juyuan town middle school has increased to more than 50 Ziyang City 15 deaths and 86 injuries
Meishan City Nine deaths and over 3000 injuries Zhongjiang County Five deaths
Ganzi Prefecture 8 deaths Aba Prefecture 161 deaths (casualties in Wenchuan County are still under statistics)
Neijiang Four deaths Suining 21 deaths
Ya'an 15 deaths Bazhong 8 deaths
Nanchong 15 deaths Leshan 7 deaths
Mianzhu 20 thousand people in Qingming, Tianchi Township, and Jinhua town are unknown Maoxian County 27 dead and 4 missing
Guang'an 1 person dead
The number of victims in Chongqing has reached 11, and the affected population is 2.1333 million (updated)
Liangping Primary School Five people were killed, more than 20 people were buried, and more than 100 people were injured.
The death toll in Gansu rose to 206 and 2179 were injured (updated)
Longnan City 173 deaths and 2027 injuries
1 person killed in Yunnan
Zhaotong 1 person killed and 9 injured
103 deaths and 893 injuries in Shaanxi (updated)
Xi'an 22 deaths Hanzhong 35 deaths
Ankang 3 deaths Baoji 30 deaths
Xianyang 13 deaths
Two people were killed and five were injured in Henan (updated)

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