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Idle (an integrated development environment for Python) is a python compiler that is often used for beginners, beginners, or small programs, or for verification! If you are familiar with its shortcut keys, it will undoubtedly improve work efficiency. The following lists the common shortcut keys:


Alt + 3: multi-line comment

Alt + 4: Cancel multi-line comments

Alt + P: returns the previous command, similar to the up arrow.

Alt + N: returns the next command, similar to the down arrow.

CTRL + [, CTRL +] indent of multi-line code

CTRL + F: Find the specified string

Alt + F4: close windows window

ATL + DD: enables code debugging;

Alt + M: Open the module code. Select the module to view the module source code;

Alt + X: Enter the python shell mode;

Alt + F + P: Open the path browser to conveniently select the imported package for viewing and browsing;

Alt + C: open a browser to facilitate switching between module methods;

F5: Enter the python shell debugging interface;

Tab: the auto-completion function in Python shell mode. Similar to Linux, it is very useful!

F1: returns the python document, which is very convenient to search.

For more information, see Options> Configure idle… In the idle menu bar... -> Keys Tab

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