Summary of common Redis commands and common redis commands

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Summary of common Redis commands and common redis commands
Service command:
• BGREWRITEAOF asynchronously rewrite the append object
• BGSAVE asynchronously saves the dataset to the disk
• Client kill ip: port closes CLIENT Connection
• Client list to obtain the CLIENT connection LIST
• Client pause timeout pause client commands
• Client getname obtains the name of the current connection
• Client setname connection-name sets the name of the current connection
• Config get parameter GET the Configuration parameter Value
• Config rewrite configuration files written from memory
• Config set parameter value obtains the value of the Configuration parameter
• Config resetstat reset redistribution statistics reported using the info command
• DBSIZE returns the number of keys in the current database
• The debug object key obtains the debug information of a key.
• Debug segfault causes server crash
• FLUSHALL clears all databases
• FLUSHDB clears the current database
• INFO [section] to obtain server details
• LASTSAVE gets the last Disk Synchronization time
• MONITOR the server in real time
• SAVE to synchronize data to the disk
• SHUTDOWN [NOSAVE] [SAVE] Shut down the service
• SLAVEOF host port specifies the master server of the current server
• SLOWLOG subcommand [argument] manages distributed slow query logs
• SYNC Internal commands used for replication
• TIME returns the current server TIME

Connection command:
• AUTH password verification Server
• ECHO message ECHO the input string
• PING the server
• QUIT closes the connection and exits

• SELECT index SELECT database

Key Value command:
• DEL key [key...] delete a key
• DUMP key export key value
• EXISTS key query whether a key EXISTS
• EXPIRE key seconds: set the number of seconds when a key expires.
• EXPIREAT key timestamp sets the expiration time of a UNIX timestamp
• KEYS pattern searches for KEYS that match the given pattern
• MIGRATE host port key destination-db timeout atomically moves the key from one apsaradb for redis instance to another
• MOVE key db MOVE one key to another database
• OBJECT subcommand [arguments [arguments...] Check the internal redistribution OBJECT
• PERSIST key: expiration time of the key to be removed
• PEXPIRE key milliseconds sets the number of milliseconds when a key expires.
• PEXPIREAT key milliseconds-timestamp sets the expiration time of a UNIX timestamp with milliseconds
• The number of valid milliseconds for the PTTL key to obtain the key
• RANDOMKEY returns a random key
• RENAME key newkey RENAME a key
• RENAMENX key newkey rename a key. The new key must be a non-existent key.
• RESTORE key ttl serialized-valueCreate a key using the provided serialized value, previously obtained using
• SCAN cursor [MATCH pattern] [COUNT count] incremental iteration key
• SORT key [BY pattern] [LIMIT offset count] [GET pattern [GET pattern...] [ASC | DESC] [ALPHA]
[STORE destination] sorts queues, sets, and ordered sets.
• The effective time for the TTL key to obtain the key (unit: seconds)
• TYPE key: The storage TYPE for obtaining the key

Script command:
• EVAL script numkeys key [key...] arg [arg...] Run The LUA script on the server.
• EVALSHA sha1 numkeys key [key...] arg [arg...] Run The LUA script on the server.
• Script exists script [script...] Check existence of scripts in the script cache.
• Script flush deletes all Lua scripts in the server cache.
• Script kill kills the currently running Lua SCRIPT.
• Script load script loads a Lua SCRIPT from the server cache.

Transaction command:
• DISCARD discards all the commands sent after MULTI
• EXEC execute all the commands sent after MULTI
• MULTI indicates the start of a transaction Block
• UNWATCH cancels the transaction
• WATCH key [key...]: Lock the key until the MULTI/EXEC command is executed.

Publish subscription command:
• PSUBSCRIBE pattern [pattern...] Listen to Publishing messages that match the channel of a given pattern
• PUBLISH channel message publishes a message to the channel
• PUBSUB subcommand [argument [argument...] check the status of the Pub/Sub Subsystem
• PUNSUBSCRIBE [pattern [pattern...] stops Publishing messages to a channel that matches a given pattern
• SUBSCRIBE channel [channel...] Listen to messages from the publishing channel
• UNSUBSCRIBE [channel [channel...] messages of the stop publishing channel

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