Summary of common/frequent test algorithms

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    1. Breadth First search (BFS)
    2. Optimization: two-way BFS
    3. Depth-First search (DFS)
    4. Optimization: Binary DFS
    5. Iterative deepening Search (IDS)
    6. Heuristic Search (Astar)
    7. Optimization: Idastar
    8. Optimization: pruning, bitwise arithmetic


    1. Bubble sort/Select sort
    2. Cardinal Sort/Bucket sort
    3. Count sort
    4. Insert Sort/Hill Sort
    5. Quick Sort
    6. Merge sort/Find inverse logarithm
    7. Heap Sort


Divide and conquer

    1. Split/three Min/n
    2. CDQ Divided treatment


Discretization of

Two-point answer

Fast Power/decimal fast Power

Basic mathematics

Sum of series

Taylor unfold


    1. Matrix multiplication
    2. Gaussian elimination element
    3. Judging linear correlation

Number of Catalan

Combinatorial mathematics

    1. Addition principle/multiplication principle
    2. Combined number recursion/Yang Hui triangle
    3. Two-term theorem
    4. Drawer principle/pigeon cage principle
    5. Lucas theorem
    6. Principle of tolerance and repulsion

/miller-rabin test of prime number determination

Decomposition factorization/ask for approximate

Euclidean algorithm/Euclidean method

Extended Euclidean algorithm/multiplicative inverse/Two-element one-time congruence equation

Linear preprocessing 1-n multiplication inverse element

Prime sieve

    1. Eratosthenes Sieve
    2. Euler sieve

Euler functions

Möbius function

Fermat theorem

Wilson's theorem

Chinese remainder theorem/grandson theorem

Two times remaining/cipolla ' s algorithm

Original root

Discrete logarithm/baby-step giant-step

Group theory


Burnside lemma

Polya theorem

Dynamic planning

Backpack DP

    1. 01 Backpack
    2. Full backpack
    3. Multiple backpack
    4. Mixed backpack
    5. Two-dimensional backpack
    6. Group Backpack
    7. Tree-shaped backpack
    8. Generic backpack

by dimension

    1. Linear DP
    2. Interval DP
    3. High-dimensional DP

By type

    1. Divide DP
    2. Longest ascending subsequence (LIS)
    3. Longest common sub-sequence (LCS)
    4. DP on a directed acyclic graph (DAG)
    5. (Connectivity-based) state compression DP


    1. Scrolling array
    2. Prefixes and
    3. Quadrilateral inequalities
    4. Slope optimization
    5. Bit arithmetic
    6. Data
    7. CDQ Divided treatment


    1. Memory Search
    2. Shun Push/Reverse push
    3. Minimal notation
Graph theory

Connectivity of

    1. The traversal of graphs
    2. Topological sorting
    3. Strong Unicom Component
    4. /tarjan algorithm of Cutting point, bridge and double-link component


    1. Recent public ancestor (LCA)/tarjan algorithm
    2. The Center/diameter of the tree
    3. The center of the tree
    4. Isomorphism of Trees

Shortest circuit

    1. Multi-source Shortest path (APSP)/floyd
    2. Minimum ring
    3. Transitive closures
    4. Single Source Shortest path (SSSP)/queue+bellman-ford/heap+dijkstra

Spanning tree

    1. Minimum spanning tree
    2. Minimum scale spanning tree
    3. Minimum bottleneck tree

Two-part diagram

    1. Two-part diagram verification
    2. Two-part graph dyeing
    3. Max match/Hungarian algorithm
    4. Optimal matching/km algorithm

Network flow

    1. Dinic algorithm
    2. ISAP algorithm
    3. Pre-flow propulsion algorithm
    4. Tip: Break a point
    5. Optimization: Close/close Edge
    6. Optimization: Line segment Tree

High precision

    1. High precision subtraction for low precision
    2. High precision subtraction for high precision
    3. Optimization: Fast Fourier transform

Linked list

    1. Single doubly linked list
    2. Block Linked list
    3. adjacency Table/Benzi



    1. Loop queue
    2. Priority queue/Minimum binary heap
    3. Left-leaning tree
    4. Fibonacci Heap


    1. Binary search Tree
    2. Heap (IBID.)
    3. Flute Karlshu
    4. Tree-like array
    5. Segment Tree
    6. Expansion: Dynamic segment tree, four-point tree
    7. Weight Balance Tree
    8. Stretching tree

and check Set

Hash table (hash)



    1. Trie Tree
    2. Kmp
    3. Manacher
    4. AC Automaton (Aho-corasick automaton)
    5. Suffix array/suffix tree/suffix automaton/suffix balance tree, etc.

Dynamic tree

    1. Tree chain split/tree block split
    2. Link-cut Tree/euler-tour Tree
Calculate geometry

Plane geometry/geometric/analytic geometry/parametric equations

Determining point-to-polygon relationship (corner method/Scan line method)

Polygon Area intersection/area and

Polar sort

Convex hull/Rotating jam

Semi-planar Cross

Triangulation of/voronoi diagram

Game theory

SG Combo Game/sg function

Bash games/wythoff Games/nim Games

Fight Search

Probability theory

Full probability

Bayes theorem

Markov process

Chebyshev theorem



Random adjustment/Simulated annealing/random mountain climbing

Simplex method

Summary of common/frequent test algorithms

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