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Performance, load test tools

Vendor Tool Name

* Mercury LoadRunner

Note: The most powerful and professional performance testing tool in the industry, with the longest history, highest industry status, largest market share, most widely used, and how many test practitioners have never heard of testing before, and how many people love and hate. Since the Mercury Interactive company was born in 1989, it has been its flagship product, not to say much.

* Micro Focus Qaload

Note: The original Compuware company performance testing tools flagship products, now by Micro Focus acquisition still occupy a place, is currently the industry's mainstream large-scale performance testing tools. Support for HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML, streaming Media, Winsock, JAVA,. NET, Citrix, Oracle Forms, SAP and many other protocol technologies.

* Micro Focus Silkperformer

Note: The original Segue company performance testing Tool flagship product, now by the Micro Focus acquisition does not affect it in the global Performance testing tool market ranked second position. It is a large performance testing tool next to LoadRunner, supporting many protocols and highlighting the ability to test Web service performance. Its performance bottleneck diagnosis and analysis capabilities, in some ways more powerful than LoadRunner. Can be integrated with the original Segue Silkcentral Testmanager and Borland Starteam.

* Segue Silkperformer Lite

Note: Silkperformer Lite is a lightweight version of the original Segue product Silkperformer, a tool for non-technical personnel to perform performance testing on small and medium IT systems. There was an upgrade during Borland, but the Micro Focus company has disappeared.

* IBM Rational Robot + testmanager

Note: This is a tool set for performance testing of early rational toolset. Robot acts as Vugenerator in LoadRunner and develops business logic scripts; Testmanager acts as a controller and analysis in LoadRunner, performs the setup and execution of performance test scenarios, and analyzes test results. Today, there are few combinations.

* IBM Rational Performance Tester

Note: After acquisition of rational, IBM has developed a professional performance testing tool with rational functional tester to compensate for IBM's lack of large performance testing tools to compete with Mercury LoadRunner at the time. Now this tool is becoming more powerful, with HP, Microsoft, Micro Focus, Radview, and more in the performance testing market.

* Oracle Empirix E-load

Note: The performance testing tool in E-test Suite Suite is currently one of the most popular performance testing tools in the industry, which mainly supports the performance testing and monitoring analysis of HTTP Web applications. It is currently owned by Oracle.

* Radview Webload

Note: Radview's flagship product, Webload Professional, is now very powerful and fully supports performance test execution, monitoring, and analysis of Web applications. More than 2000 companies around the world use it for performance testing, with reference to:

* Minq Pureload

Note: Minq Company's pureload, so far not free. It focuses on routine stress, load, and stability testing of Web applications. Combined with pureagent, you can diagnose the response time, resource utilization, etc. of the Web server.

* Microsoft WEB Application Stress Tool

Note: Microsoft's early small performance testing tools, referred to as was, has not been upgraded, mainly for the ASP. NET developed Web application system for performance testing.

* Microsoft Application Center Test

Note: Microsoft has previously built a performance test module in the Visual Studio development environment, referred to as act, and today the Microsoft Visual Studio Test Edition performance testing functionality continues to dominate it.

* Facilita ForeCast

NOTE: The forecast product from the UK Facilita Company is a powerful mainstream performance testing tool that supports a variety of development technologies and network protocols such as Web, Java,. NET, Citrix, and a set of auxiliary analysis tools for JAVA, mainstream database products, Network for analysis and diagnostics.

* Quest BenchMark Factory for Database

Note: Although the famous Quest company has Lego tools for managing, monitoring, and diagnosing IT infrastructure, there are benchmark Factory for the performance test tool, of course, its performance test is biased against the database, It is also a tool dedicated to database performance testing and capacity planning.

* Worksoft Certify Performance Test

Note: Worksoft company produced a special for the SAP system performance testing tools, since the professional, must be strong!

* Free JMeter

Note: Currently the industry's most widely used performance testing tools, initially just testing Web applications, in recent years the development of unusually fast, to the present is strong enough to support Http/https, SOAP, JDBC, LDAP, JMS, etc., in the domestic is also very popular. Of course, the commonality of these free tools is that the monitoring and analysis functions are not as good as business tools.

* Free Opensta

Note: Opensta was used universally at the beginning of JMeter, and was later defeated by JMeter; now it's just as it was originally. Supports performance testing only for Web applications.

* Free Testmaker

Note: Testmaker is a free product of pushtotest company, which has more features than commercial tools and can do unit testing, integration testing, Java applications under HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, Xml-rpc, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, system function test, performance test and so on. The scripting language uses the latest Jython. Because it is a new product, at home and abroad is not popular, but its prospects are quite broad.

Free performance testing tools are also available in the industry, and here are just a few of the three powerful tools available, as well as additional free tools.

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White box function test Tool

Vendor Tool Name

* Parasoft JTest

Note: Parasoft the industry's most powerful commercial white-box testing tool for Java technology. Java can be automated code static analysis, code review, due to the built-in JUnit, can implement automated Java Unit testing. Integrates with current mainstream Java Ides such as Eclipse, IBM RAD, and JBuilder.

* Parasoft C++test

Note: Parasoft the industry's most powerful commercial white-box testing tool for C + + technology. You can automate code-static analysis, code review, and automated unit Testing for C/C + +. Integrates with the current mainstream Ms Visual Studio, Wind River Tornado and more.

* Parasoft. TEST

Note: The industry's most powerful commercial white-box testing tool for. NET technology, Parasoft company. can be right. NET Framework for automated Code static analysis, code review, and unit testing for all languages such as C #,, ASP. mc++, etc. Integrates with the current mainstream Ms Visual studio.

* Parasoft SOA Test

Note: Parasoft company launched the software development full life cycle test platform. In the current IT industry, almost all the development technology for unit testing, integration testing, interface testing, security testing, load testing, regression testing and so on. For example, Web service, Java, C + +,. NET, XML, SOAP, BPEL, UDDI, HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, IBM MQ, EJB, CORBA, etc. Specific why, I am unknown.

* Borland Agitator

Note: Borland agitator is the third-generation Java Unit Testing tool, which is a new generation of Java testing tools introduced by the creator of JUnit, XP, and TDD, and really implements the idea of enterprise developer testing; It is the idea that develop Software with confidence!

* Domestic Vctester

Note: Vctester by Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and Development, is compatible with Visual C + +, a new generation of unit testing tools, divided between share and commercial version of the two series, the main features include: scripted test drive (including modifying variables and calling functions), script piles, support continuous integration testing, Test coverage Statistics (commercial version only), Generate test reports (commercial version only), Test message editor (commercial version only), etc.

* Domestic Visual Unit

Note: The VU developed by Guangzhou Kai Lok Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a new generation of unit testing tools, powerful, simple to use, fully visualized, without the need to write test code. VU test results make the program behavior at a glance, help to organize the programming ideas and improve the efficiency and correctness of programming, and can quickly debug; VU also enhances debugger functions (such as backward functions) and improves the efficiency of debugging. VU can achieve unprecedented test integrity, easily achieve statement coverage, conditional coverage, branch coverage, path coverage; VU provides detailed test reports, and VU is not only a unit test tool, but also a tool for making program development more efficient, more productive and more comfortable.

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Software testing Tools Daquan The second part, is listed below, is not fully comprehensive, only for testing peer reference:

White Box Performance Testing tool

Vendor Tool Name

* Parasoft Codewizard

Note: Parasoft's tools for detecting and diagnosing C + + and Java code are available in two versions of C + + and Java. It has not been used as a standalone product and has been integrated in Jtest and C++test.

* Parasoft insure++

Note: Parasoft's tools for running memory check and error monitoring for C and C + + code are available from the company.

* IBM Rational Software Analyzer

Note: This is a professional tool launched by IBM to perform static inspection and analysis of mainstream development code such as Java and C + +. can be integrated with rational application developer and rational Software Architect.

* Micro Focus DevPartner

Note: DevPartner Studio series tools were originally NuMega company products, after being Compuware acquisition, and now by Micro Focus acquisition, mainly focus on Java,. NET and C + + several mainstream technologies, including DevPartner Studio Server, DevPartner Studio Professional, DevPartner for Visual C + + BoundsChecker suite, DevPartner JAVA Edition several components. The main functions are code-level error detection, performance analysis, security scanning, memory leak checking, and coverage analysis for these different development technologies.

* Compuware SmartCheck

Note: This product is the early NuMega company products, mainly on the code level of VB Technology error detection, performance analysis, security scanning, memory leak check, coverage analysis. was retained by Compuware acquisition, but to Micro Focus company has disappeared.

* Compuware Dbpartner for Oracle

Note: Compuware Company's tools for error detection and performance analysis of Oracle database at the level of SQL code are not yet missing from Micro Focus's products.

* AutomatedQA Aqtime

Note: AUTOMATEDQA Another flagship product Aqtime, is a powerful code-level analysis tool that supports. NET, code memory leak detection for Windows applications, error targeting, performance analysis, and more.

* Qesat Java

Note: It is the self-developed Code analysis, review, debugging tools, divided into Java and C + + two versions of the Software Engineering Institute of Beihang University.


IT system monitoring, diagnostic tools

Vendor Tool Name

* HP Business Process Insight/monitor

Note: An important part of the HP Business Availability Center platform, real-time monitoring of the operation of the front-office processes from the IT system backend, through the set performance thresholds, to alarm, diagnose and locate performance issues. The Business Availability Center platform is the original Mercury product, the mercury BTO concept of technology realization platform, powerful incomparable.

* HP Mercury Diagnostics

Note: This product is a component of the original Mercury LoadRunner and is now a standalone product of HP and can be integrated with the LoadRunner controller. It has many versions of Java EE,. NET, SAP, etc., and the software for these technologies performs code-level performance diagnosis and analysis, which is not powerful or unknown. Today is also an important part of the HP Business Availability Center platform.

* HP Mercury SiteScope

Note: The original Mercury SiteScope is now an important part of the HP Business Availability Center platform. It system can be in the background of online performance monitoring and warning, including hardware, servers, middleware, etc., is the product on-line after the powerful monitoring tools. It can be integrated with loadrunner and can be used alone.

* Segue SILKCENTRALTM Performance Manager

Note: The original Segue product is a tool for real-time monitoring and performance diagnosis of online IT systems. Powerful features such as Web graphical user interfaces, efficient root-cause analysis tools, and complete support for the entire test cycle enable teams to work closely together before and after deployment, quickly identify issues, and accelerate problem resolution. Finally, the active management of the on-line application is realized, the unexpected failure rate is reduced and the performance of the on-line application is optimized. It supports a variety of hardware, software, middleware products, but has been unable to find an upgrade since being acquired by Borland.

* Oracle Empirix E-monitor

Note: E-test Suite Suite products, online real-time monitoring of application performance and system indicators, allowing users to set a variety of alarm methods to report application issues in a timely manner, so that managers respond quickly. It can be e-load integrated.

* Empirix Onesight Suite

Remark: Empirix company new product; Since E-test Suite product was acquired by Oracle, the company focuses on VoIP network solutions, Onesight series is a set of performance monitoring tools, including for Web appliaction, contact Centers, voice quality assurance, Voice watch several sets of products, the Web application system from the code to the middleware to the operating system to hardware real-time monitoring capabilities. Others are tools for monitoring or simulating voice signaling systems such as IP telephony.

Security testing Tools

Vendor Tool Name

* HP Qainspect

* HP WebInspect

Note: Since the acquisition of Mercury, HP has introduced a number of new products based on the original Mercury product, which is a security testing tool developed by HP that can be integrated with QC, which is a powerful Web application security scan, analysis tool, and supports Web2.0. Both are important components of the HP Assessment Management platform.

* IBM Rational APPScan

Note: APPScan is the core product of Watchfire, the Watchfire company was acquired by IBM in 2007 and the APPScan tool was upgraded to today's IBM Rational APPScan, is currently the industry's powerful Web application security testing professional tools.

Functional Automation Testing Tools

Vendor Tool Name

* Mercury WinRunner

Note: The absolute flagship product of Mercury Interactive, the world's oldest and most classic test tool manufacturer, named Mercury in 2004, is LoadRunner, TestDirector, and called Sam, Dominate the IT industry test tool market for more than 10 years at the end of the 20 century. However, it is out of date, with the 20 World End Web application technology prevalence, WinRunner appears to be powerless. So 2003 Mercury Company developed new product QuickTest, and then WinRunner retired to second-tier. Mercury was acquired by HP in 2006, and now WinRunner has disappeared from the HP product family. A generation of stars has fallen, but its market is not extinct, and there are still many companies at home and abroad to use it for automated testing, its C language script also determines its IT system in the bottom and embedded areas of the powerful convenience.

* HP Mercury QuickTest Professional

Remark: original Mercury company product, WinRunner's heir. The new product, which was re-assembled with WinRunner's own flaws, and with Mercury's absolute leadership in the testing tool market, has quickly replaced the WinRunner global market share in the two or three years since the birth of the company in 04, so far hp QTP is still the largest testing tool in the industry, and is currently the absolute workhorse of HP functional testing software.

* Compuware Qarun

Note: Compuware company has long been one of the industry's first-class testing tools manufacturers, Qarun is Compuware company black box Test tool Set Qacenter functional automation testing tools, using and WinRunner very similar. Qacenter is bound to the Qarun, Qaload, qadirector three products. Compuware compared with mercury, in addition to the black Box test tool products, there is a powerful white box test tool family DevPartner series. But in 2009, the British Micro Focus Company acquired Compuware all the quality assurance solutions and products, qarun in the Micro Focus products can not find a location, from the historical stage.

* Micro Focus Testpartner

Note: The original Compuware product, the upgraded version of Qarun, support for VBA scripts, a business logic test focused on application software, is very similar to the BPT test previously proposed by Mercury, allowing non-technical business people to perform functional automated testing that is biased towards the business flow level. Now the product is also owned by Micro Focus company.

* Micro Focus SilkTest

* Segue SilkTest International

Note: The famous Segue company, is a very focused on technology testing tools manufacturers, its products silktest, Silkperformer can be comparable with Mercury WinRunner, LoadRunner, in the international market share is also considerable. However, in April 2006 Borland Company acquired Segue Company, Segue products into Borland software life cycle Quality Management product system; 2009 Borland Company was acquired by Micro Focus. flourished's "Baolan Empire" disappeared. The so-called: Zhongnan Mountain, Living Dead Tomb, Baolan Empire, extinct Lake! Like misty clouds, vaguely oblivion in the vast river of history ... Years of precipitation, the vicissitudes of baptism, we can do is to remember it! But SilkTest tools with its sophisticated technology implementation and rich 4Test language scripting language, beat the pack! believe that Micro Focus replaces acquisitions with it Compuware Qarun is no surprise. SilkTest International is a silktest version of the Unicode double-byte character set that was launched by Segue company, and is now gone.

* IBM Rational Robot

Note: In the history of human civilization has epoch-making significance of the Software engineering methodology--rup (Rational Unified Process) founder of the company Rational, which has rational Enterprise Studio This set of software engineering for each class , each link of the tool set. The Rational Robot Tool is the oldest automated test tool in this set of tools. It is strong in the ability to do functional testing, but also can be combined with testmanager performance testing, so there are sqabasic and vu two scripting languages. At the end of 20th century, the world of automated testing was presented by Mercury WinRunner, Rational Robot and Segue SilkTest three pillars. However, the situation of the world changes, when the human civilization into the 21st century, "a long time will be combined, a long time will be divided" historical law again staged. In 2002, IBM announced the acquisition of rational, a full range of rational products with DB2, WebSphere, Lotus, Tivoli and other IBM Software PRODUCT families (of course, IBM subsequently acquired other IT companies). Now rational robot is similar to WinRunner, but IBM still sells it, after all, Robot has a long history of WinRunner and a wide market. Then Rup, UML, the legend of these times, wisdom of the classics gradually less people, in the new XP, agile Halo seems to be eclipsed. In addition, one of the typical advantages of IBM rational products (including other family products) is that almost all of the software is installed across platforms, supporting Windows, Unix, Linux, and so on, which is not available to most other vendors.

* IBM Rational Visual Test

Note: A test tool that was purchased by rational early from Microsoft to automate functional testing for Windows applications developed by Visual Studio for VBS scripting. Now there are downloads on the IBM Web site, but the tool users have faded away.

* IBM Rational Functional Tester

Note: In the rational Test toolset, in addition to robot, there is another ROBOTJ, which is a functional automated testing tool specifically for Java applications, the scripting language is java. 2003 IBM has re-developed ROBOTJ's upgraded rational XDE Tester based on the Eclipse platform, which supports automated testing of Java applications and Web applications. But it was just a transition product, and in 2004 IBM developed today's IBM Rational functional Tester, Includes Java and. NET two versions, supports automated testing of Web applications and graphical interface applications developed by Java and. NET, and currently has plugins for SAP. At this point, IBM Rational Functional Tester has replaced robot's position as QTP instead of WinRunner, becoming IBM's true flagship test tool product.

* IBM Rational Service Tester for SOA

Note: IBM's latest tool for automated testing of Web service is very similar to Parasoft's earlier soatest.

* Parasoft webking

Note: Parasoft is a company that specializes in white box test tool products, but also has webking, a regression function testing tool for Web applications. In addition to the regular recording, playback, data-driven technology, but also convenient to check the validity of Web page elements, such as links, pictures, JS, CSS, etc., support Ajax.

* Oracle Empirix E-tester

Note: Empirix is the fourth largest software quality solution provider in the world, and the flagship product is the E-test Suite Toolkit, which includes three components for E-tester, E-load, and E-monitor, respectively, for automated functional testing of Web applications, Performance testing and application monitoring, three can be integrated use. E-test Suite supports Web Service, Siebel, PeopleSoft apps In addition to typical Java EE and. NET Web Apps. 2008 E-test Suite Kit was acquired by Oracle and other products are unknown.

* Radview WEBFT

Note: Radview Company is a provider of Web application performance testing, the flagship product Webload Professional. The TestView tool kit, which included WEBLOAD,WEBFT and TestView manager three products, was launched in 2006, and today TestView tool suites are no longer upgraded. WEBFT is a tool for automating functional testing of web systems.

* AutomatedQA Testcomplete

Note: AutomatedQA is also a company focused on testing technology, the main product testcomplete in the early days is a special for the Delphi application of automated testing tools, scripts can use Delphi, VB,. NET and so on, now this tool and upgrade to powerful mainstream automated testing tools, full support for Windows applications, Web applications,. NET, JAVA, Ajax and even Windows Moblie, Pocket PC, smartphone and so on. Another unparalleled feature is the ability to perform performance tests, stress tests, and testcomplete in addition to the main functional tests. Such a small tool, so powerful, has to marvel at the technical level of AUTOMATEDQA company refining! And it has a strong API interface, very easy to expand, I strongly recommend the domestic company here, because it is a business tool, but very cheap.

* Seapine QA Wizard

Note: Seapine is also my favorite software engineering service provider, 7 main products cover the requirements of software engineering, development process management, defect management, configuration management and automated testing several areas, integration with each other. QA Wizard Pro is Seapine's automated test tool offering, and today's version features are already powerful, supporting regular Windows applications, Web applications, and development technologies including C #,, C + +, Qt, AJAX, ActiveX, JS, JAVA, Delphi, WinForms and so on. I have written an earlier version of the User guide:

* Redstone Eggplant

Note: The industry's only cross-platform automation testing tool is occupied by Redstone Company's eggplant, which supports automated testing on Mac, Linux, Windows, Symbian, Solaris, Android, and KVM switches, in addition , the tool also has the capability of performance testing and stress testing.

* Microsoft Visual Studio Test Edition

Note: How can Microsoft have no testing tools? Admittedly Microsoft has long been too focused on testing tools this market, maybe the technology is too strong, hehe! But later did a two-handed preparation, on the one hand to buy Mercury company, later did not talk, but was acquired by HP; On the other hand to develop on its own. Today, Visual Studio has a beta version, based on Microsoft. NET platform, this beta software is available on the. NET technology of all programs for white box functional testing, code diagnostic testing, black box functional testing and system performance testing, all in a powerful and unparalleled. However, this tool is not commercially available except for Microsoft internal use.

* Minq Puretest

Note: Minq company's puretest, which is one of the industry's commercial automation testing tools, now puretest is free. It focuses on automating functional testing of Web applications and instantly detects web page elements and diagnoses HTTP requests and responses.

* Worksoft Certify

Remark: Worksoft Company produces the tool specialized for the function Automation test of the SAP system, since the profession, must be powerful!

* Domestic Autorunner

* Domestic tar

Note: Shanghai Ze Zhong software company self-developed automated testing tools Autorunner, to achieve the Web and Windows applications to automate functional testing process. The script is java. Agreed to be the production of the Tar (Terminal autorunner) is a tool for automated regression testing of end systems, suitable for use with standard applications such as VT100, VT220, support for command line and windowed mode, and script recording and playback, suitable for banking systems.

* Autotester Autotester

* Autotester Web

Note: Autotester is the first company in the world to produce commercial testing tools, founded in 1985, with tools based on MS-DOS. Its products are autotester, autotester one, Autocontroller, etc., Autotester Web is a cross-browser web function testing tool. The company closed in June 2007 and the website was closed in July.

* Original Software TestBench400

Note: Original is a software testing service provider for IBM as/400, TESTBENCH400 is a pioneer and leader in as/400 testing solutions.

* CenterLine Qc/replay

Note: Centerline Company's Qc/replay is an automated testing tool that specializes in testing UNIX OS-shaped interface applications. It implements the testing process in the form of widgets, recording user actions and playing back. Supports Sun OS, Solaris, HP UX, SVR4, UnixWare, Digital Unix, AIX, and more.

* Software EValid?? WEB Testing & Analysis Suite

* Software Testworks

Note: Software, founded in 1977 in San Francisco, is a pioneer in embedded software testing worldwide. EValid is a tool developed for automated testing of web-based applications, and Testworks is an automated test tool for traditional CS applications, all across Windows and UNIX platforms, which feature code diagnostics for Java and C + +.

* IBM Rational TTCN Suite

Note: The original Telelogic company Telelogic Products, was acquired by IBM in 2007, into the rational product family. Automated testing for embedded systems.

* Fanfare ITest

Remark: Fanfare Company produces the tool specially for the network equipment to do the automated test.

* AutoIT

Note: AutoIt3 belongs to AutoHotkey's originator, AutoHotkey from AutoIt v2 division; AUTOIT v2 has been open source before, but in V3 is a certain control of the source code. Official website:

* Free Ruby + Watir

Note: Ruby+watir combination is a very popular and free automatic testing framework in recent years, and it is also very common in China. It enables automated testing of Web applications through the powerful programming capabilities of Ruby scripts, based on the powerful interface of Watir.

* Free Selenium

Note: Selenium is another all-free automated testing framework, produced by ThoughtWorks, that supports scripting in languages such as Ruby, Java, Perl, and Python. Now at home and abroad increasingly popular, there is a potential for development.

* Free Bromine

Note: Bromine is an automated test tool for the iphone (mobile Internet) application, inspired by selenium and an article cocoa with love:automated user interface testing On the IPhone, its basic idea is to map your application into an XML structure, and then you can use XPath to access the elements inside.

Free functional automation testing tools in the industry tens of thousands, here only the three of the current popular automated testing tools, and other more free tools separately explained.

Summary of current mainstream unit test tools

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