Summary of Database Registration problems encountered when ArcGIS Server 10.1 released the element Service (2)

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In the previous article:


Speaking of applying this blog method.


The last release failed. After a long time, I finally succeeded.


1. Delete the ArcGIS Server account and re-postinstall.

2. delete the SDE account and database in SQL Server 2008 R2 (because the SDE database and account of 10.1 are retained after ArcMap is upgraded to 10.0, this may be the cause of previous failure)

Tip: Remember to back up your data before deleting it. You can first create a database connection In ArcMap to store XML data everywhere. As shown in:

3. Use data management tool -- Geodatabase administration -- Create enterprise Geodatabase tool to create a geographical database

Note that the database administrator must log on as the SysAdmin server. The default server role of SA is as follows:

For details, refer to here:


4. After the database is built, you can connect to the created geographic database In ArcMap.

Select database authentication.

5. Register a database in ArcGIS Server

Right-click ArcGIS service and choose server properties.

Enter a custom name, for example, testsde,

Click Edit in Publisher database connection. Select Database Authentication in database connection. Click OK and select same as publisher database connection.


In the previous article, database authentication failed. This problem is solved here.

6. After registration, drag the data in the database into the TOC and set an editing template for the data. (Note: drag the element layer directly from the database to the TOC. No template is edited by default)

Click new template.

Select the layer here and click Finish.

7. Save the mxd document and select feature access in capabilities when publishing.

You can publish the service to ArcGIS Server, so that the key service is successfully released.

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