Summary of interview questions--toward Java senior engineer

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Recently consider the issue of change work, so cast resume interview, interview 5 companies senior Java engineer, there are 4 gave me an offer, think of summing up the interview experience, convenient recently are looking for opportunities for you

first, no pen questionDo not know whether or not the position is not met, interview, do not need to do a pen test, but fill out a personal information form, or direct interviewtwo or three major framework issues1, spring transaction isolation, and say the difference between each isolation solution: Spring Transaction

2. The propagation behavior of spring transaction, and say the difference of each propagation behavior: Spring transaction

3, the difference between hibernate and Mybatis/ibatis, why choose? Answer: The comparison between Hibernate and MyBatis

4, struts and the advantages and disadvantages of spring MVC, let you choose how to choose the answer: spring MVC and the difference between struts

5. Brief talk about spring transaction mechanism solution: Spring transaction mechanism

6, Spring 4.0 new Nature Answer: SPRING4 featuresthird, load balancing, cluster-related1, WebLogic load balancing principle and the configuration of the cluster solution: A, WebLogic load Balancing principle B, load balancing and cluster configuration (reference)

2, Nginx+tomcat+redis to achieve load balancing, resource separation, session sharing solution: Configuration Reference

3, nginx configuration file detailed--nginx.conf answer: Nginx configuration file Detail DescriptionIv. Project Optimization related1, the Web How to optimize the project solution: I've done this once. Web project performance optimization (collation)

2. How many kinds of singleton mode? How to optimize? Solution: 7 Usage in a singleton pattern

3, simple talking about the principle and implementation of thread pool: threading principle and implementationv. Concurrency and security aspects1, how to deal with the project concurrency? (We are Web projects) Answer: High concurrency Web site solution, in addition, there are database optimistic lock, database read and write separation, using Message Queuing, multi-use stored procedures and so on

2, simple to say that the function of the privileges of the level of permission vulnerabilities and vertical access to the vulnerability of the scene and solution (because we currently have permission level is functional permissions) Answer:
A, horizontal permissions vulnerability, such as

Assuming that the agency has user A and User B two users, where a has 1, 2, and 3 permissions, User B has 2 and 3 permissions, this time assume that User B knows 1, and to add 1 of their rights, this is the level of permissions vulnerability.
Current Solutions: 1, restrict the entrance, so that User B cannot edit their own permissions 2, to User B can not scale up. The most fundamental solution is to drill down to data permissions
Answer: Horizontal permissions vulnerability and resolution

B, Vertical Permissions Vulnerability
Answers: Vertical Permissions vulnerability Cases and solutions

3, the platform on the picture how anti-theft chain Answer: HTTP download anti-theft chain principle: HTTP protocol field Referer record to implement

4, how to distinguish the uploaded pictures is not a Trojan horse?Answer: 1, look at the uploaded picture suffix 2, how to suffix is tampered with, then each file has a magic digital file upload-magic number

5, the principle and implementation of Message Queuing Answer: 1, Message Queuing Principle 2, comprehensible message queue ActiveMQ
Vi. Database Aspects1. The MySQL query field area is not case-sensitive?

Answer: Do not differentiate, even if the value is not differentiated (I asked at the time, the area of the application of the size of the meaning of what, the interviewer did not say)

2, simple to talk about the database cluster and load balancing, distributed (I do not understand this piece)

Answer: Database load balancing and cluster reference, reference 2

3, the structure and advantages of the stored procedure

Solution: Approximate structure
Advantages and disadvantages of stored procedures

4, the principle and function of the trigger

Answer: Reference

Summary of interview questions--toward Java senior engineer

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