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PHP website

?? Helpful Web sites related to PHP
PHP the right-direction: A quick reference guide to PHP Practice
Best Practice Guide for PHP practices:php
PHP Weekly: A php Newsweek
PHP security:php Security Guidance
PHP fig:php Framework Interaction Group
PHP UG: A website that helps people locate the most recent PHP user group
Seven PHP: A website that interviews PHP community users
Nomad php: Online PHP Learning Resources
PHP Mentoring: Point-to-point PHP guidance Organization

Other websites

?? Useful websites related to web development

The Open WEB Application Security Project (OWASP): An open-source, software-safe community
Websec Io:web Security Community Resources
Web Advent: A calendar for Web developers
Semantic Versioning: An analytic semantic version of the Web site
Atlassian git tutorials: A git guided tutorial series
Hg init:mercurial Guided Tour series
Servers for Hackers: About server Management Newsletters

PHP Books

?? Excellent PHP-related books
Scaling PHP Applications: An ebook written by Steve Corona about PHP extension applications
The grumpy Programmer ' s Guide to Building testable PHP applications: A book by Chris Hartjes on building PHP test applications
Grumpy PHPUnit: A book that Chris Hartjes wrote about using PHPUnit unit tests
Mastering object-orientated php: A Brandon Savage written about PHP object-oriented books
Signaling PHP: A book written by Cal Evans about capturing PCNTL signals in CLI scripts
Securing Php:core Concepts: A book Chris Cornutt wrote about common security issues and practices in PHP
Modernising Legacy applications in PHP: A book written by Paul M.Jones about modern PHP applications

Other books

?? Other books on general computing and web development
The Linux command line: A book written by William Shotts on Linux commands
Understanding computation: A book on computational theory written by Tom Stuart
The Tangled Web? Securing Web Applications: A book on web security Applications written by Michal Zalewski
Elasticsearch:the Definitive Guide: A book written by Clinton Gormley and Zachary Tong about directing the use of Elasticsearch
Eloquent javascript: A book written by Marijn Haverbeke on JavaScript programming
Vagrant Cookbook: A book written by Erika Heidi about creating a Vagrant environment
Pro git: A book about git written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub

PHP Video

?? Excellent PHP-related videos
Taking PHP Seriously:facebook's Keith Adams talk about the advantages of PHP
PHP Town Hall:ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon's unofficial podcast on PHP
Programming with Anthony: Video series from Anthony Ferrara

PHP Reading

?? Other reading materials related to PHP
Create Your Own PHP framework:fabien potencier Introduction to How to make your own PHP Framework series articles
Seven Ways to screw up BCrypt: correct BCrypt implementation
Preventing CSRF Attacks: articles on preventing CSRF attacks
Don ' t worry about BREACH: articles about BREACH and CSRF tags
On PHP 5.3, Lamda Functions and Closures: Introduction to lambda functions and closures
Use ENV: Articles using the UNIX environment Help
Composer Primer:composer Introduction
Composer Versioning: Articles about the Composer release
Composer Stability Flags: An introduction to the Composer stability tag
Innocent villagefolk or a pillagin ' Pirate?: An article in PHP inspired by other languages
Predicting random Numbers in PHP: Introduction to generating random numbers
A List for preventing XSS in PHP: An article on preventing XSS
PHP sucks! But I like it!: Introduction to PHP Pros and cons of the article
PHP is Much Better Than you Think: discussing the relationship between PHP and ecosystems

PHP kernel Read

?? Reading material related to PHP core and performance
PHP rfcs:php RFCs Home
PHP Internals Book: A three-core developer of online books on the PHP kernel
Print vs Echo, which one is Faster?: A performance analysis of output functions
The PHP ternary Operator. Fast or not?: Introduction to the performance of ternary operations
Disproving the single Quotes myth: An article on the performance of the double quotation marks and the string
You ' re Being Lied to: articles about kernel zvals
How Long is a Piece of string: Articles about the string kernel
Understanding opcodes: Introduction to Operation code
How to detailed answers to foreach on foreach Works:stackoverflow
When Does foreach Copy?: An article that describes the foreach principle
How Big is PHP Arrays (and Values) really?: An article that introduces the principle of arrays array
Why Objects (usually) use less Memory Than Arrays: An article on objects and arrays
PHP Evaluation Order: An article on evaluating the Order in PHP
PHP source code for developers:1 2 3 4:php series
Collecting Garbage:1 2 3: Introduction to the PHP garbage collection principle Series

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