Summary of Huawei router configurations

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With the development of China's routing industry, the routing technology is also improved. Here we mainly analyze the knowledge of Huawei router configuration, A small office network with two companies A and B) in an office building, A 4 m exclusive VDSL leased line is applied for. A is the leased line fee of 3 m, and B is the leased line fee of 1 m). There are about 60 computers in total, 30 computers, three non-NMS 24 port D-LINK switches, one Huawei 1821 router 1wan port, 4 LAN port ).

Special requirements of users:

1) A and B cannot access each other.
2) both A and B obtain the IP address through DHCP of the Huawei router.
3) bandwidth A and B must be divided. A enjoys 3 M bandwidth and B enjoys 1 M bandwidth. If Company B's network traffic is too high, the Network Office of Company A is often affected ).

Simple solution:

1) At the internal network gateway eth1/0 of the Huawei router 1821, the molecular interfaces eth1/0.1 and eth1/0.2 are used to configure two gateways and respectively ).
2) two lan ports eth1/1 and eth1/2 of Huawei router 1821 are divided into two VLANs (vlan2 and vlan3 ).
3) configure and apply nat on two different logical sub-interfaces, eth1/0.1 and eth1/0.2.
4) Configure dhcp on two different logical sub-interfaces, eth1/0.1 and eth1/0.2 respectively. use dhcp on the same physical interface to allocate two different network segments for two vlan networks.
5) because the lan port of the router is a layer-2 port, the qoscar speed limit cannot be achieved. You can only consider the unique Internal Gateway Interface eth1/0) the qoscar speed limit reaches the bandwidth limit.
6) configure the wan port address X, and X) and the staticroute address.
7) configure the user to log on to super, console, and vty on the Huawei router.) The user name and password are only configured in password mode ).
8) test and observe the port information and load information, and adjust the corresponding policy at any time. Considering the processing capability and time constraints of the device, there are not too many policies, such as ACL) and functions.

The configurations of A Huawei router are as follows:

Dhcpselectinterfacedhcp applies to sub-interfaces
Firewallpacket-filter3002inboundfirewallACL Filter Applied to interface
Vlan-typedot1qvid3 sub-interface encapsulation dot1q

Traffic Speed Limit qoscar Huawei router configuration

Portaccessvlan2 add Port e1/1 to vlan2
Portaccessvlan3 adds port e1/1 to vlan2
InterfaceEthernet2/0 enter wan port configuration
IpaddressX, X, X, and x255.255.224
Iproute-static0., y, y, ypreference60
User-interfacecon0 user login configuration
Setauthenticationpasswordcipher0HB8 %-MB % I ^ [Q1R ',' & 6NQ !!
Setauthenticationpasswordcipher0HB8 %-MB % I ^ [Q1R ',' & 6NQ !!

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