Summary of ideas for adding, deleting, modifying, and querying using xml configuration

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Add, delete, modify, and query using xml configuration. To put it bluntly, control and corresponding processing of the SQL statements and interface display to be executed are implemented through xml configuration, it is implemented with custom Web controls and interface templates. In this way, the list, edit, delete, details, and other interfaces or processes of the original programming implementation are converted into configuration XML for implementation.

1. Develop the web control you need, such as the list. You are sure to wonder why you do not use the gridview. The reason is very simple: the gridview cannot meet your needs and your development is subject to the limitations of the gridview. Therefore, I have modeled the IMPLEMENTATION OF THE gridview (decompiled part of the code of the gridview, read and understand it, and imitated its main attributes and methods, in particular, the processing of data binding completely adopts the implementation idea of the gridview-reflection, so that your list control supports a wide range of data sources, but the most commonly used is the datatable ). The name is mygridview. The main extension and implementation are as follows:

1. Title merging, row grouping merging, and row-same data column merging are implemented.

2. column sorting is implemented (This sorting is used to retrieve and sort all data sources again)

3. Adjusted the column width by dragging the column)

4. Implemented button processing (supported by developers)

5. Implemented analysis graphics

6. Export the list directly to excel

7. The list is created in the same way as that of the gridview. You can configure links, buttons, images, and click titles to sort the list.

8. Configuration computation is implemented, including summation, averaging, and self-defined computation of tail rows, total column data, Javascript script calculation, and C # method calculation.

9. Implement Paging

10. single-row or multi-row check boxes are selected.

Ii. Define XML. Xml configuration definition is a step-by-step process, which is added as needed. In the beginning, my configuration only supports the list. Now it has been developed to support editing, details, exporting excel, importing data, and using HTML templates to retrieve data.

3. Convert XML definitions into program behaviors.

1. Here I set the list page, Edit page, detail page, export page, import page, generate static html page, workflow form page and so on for different application scenarios.

2. To encapsulate common XML processing, a tool project, database processing project, and template work project are encapsulated separately.

In this way, the xml configuration is loaded through different template pages to implement corresponding processing.

Welcome to: http: //, which is a demonstration platform for ease of query and analysis, workflow, content management, and project management.


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