Summary of individual projects, the most important is insufficient

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Because I just started to learn this, do well. This is my personal project, about a simple calculator, only subtraction, specifically the framework written in Java Swing, which is a few buttons (JButton), and then invokes the event listener, which embeds a small program that can be arithmetic. You can see that there are still many deficiencies.

First of all, I can not calculate the parentheses on the operation, there is the size of the design is not good, do not know why the size is almost, I need to further study.

There is the design of the calculator color is too monotonous, the appearance needs to improve, of course, these also need me to further find information, learning to solve.

Finally, I would like to talk about my summary, this time to write a simple calculator, I learned some Java swing knowledge, also contrasted with the web-made interface, in contrast, feel, if I use the Web to write will be more simple, and the effect will be better. But Java Swing we can use more of our familiar Java knowledge, more easy to get started. This time to write a calculator also let me know a lot, nothing is not to do, as long as you are willing to learn, others can do, you can do.

Summary of individual projects, the most important is insufficient

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